Personally speaking, I am Hagazo and in this video we will talk about the 10 most sold games of the Xbox 360! Before start the video, let's play before watching, then pause the video and comment: Which game do you think is the best? sold on Xbox 360? Use the hashtag #before you appear on the screen to distinguish the comments Now, come on! With the old generation coming to an end, at least as far as big new new releases, it is practically possible to to elaborate this list with certain precision, evaluating the games that more sold to the console from Microsoft

Just remembering that we will talk here about the numbers of units sold only for Xbox 360, okay? It seems kind of obvious, but it's always good to talk to be very clear Occupying the tenth position we have Halo 4, with 911 million units sold All world knows that Halo is a franchise immense, not only when it comes to history and content, but also with regard to to the greatness and the number of fans in love For you to have an idea, Microsoft has entered the consoles business with the first Xbox and it was thanks to Halo that she prospered enough to embark once as one of the great superpowers when We're talking about video games that fight in the top The success of Halo 4 was huge: it grossed $ 300 million gross in its first launch week, showing the power that the week a game with a lot of hype launches has, and especially the power of launch day

For you have an idea, of these 300 million of the week, 220 million were the day that Halo 4 launched Let's go to the next one! Do you know why Halo is one of those franchises that need to be respected? So In ninth place we have Halo Reach, with 960 millions of units sold We said that Halo practically carried on the back the first Xbox and guaranteed the existence of the Xbox 360, and it is not atoa

Of two positions of the best selling games of the xbox 360 so far, we have 2 games from Halo franchise Can you do that, Arnold? Ah, much of the success is due to the fact that Microsoft had a team of extremely competent marketing campaign, which won many awards for the to hypar Halo: Reach Were MANY marketing actions, which further leveraged the sales of the game In eighth place we have GTA IV, which sold 1074 million units only on Xbox 360, without rely on PS3 sales and PRAÇA

The success of GTA IV in its launch was so absurd that the game came to sell 36 million units on the day launched and raised $ 310 million also on the first day, breaking numerous Guinness records by then Bad knew the world that these records would be broken several times later GTA IV is one of those few games that, when they come, it's to mark a generation Cool

We talked about three games here, two of which were Halo Let's talk about a different game So? Seventh, we have Halo again, only this time, Halo 3, a game that sold almost 12 million units Halo 3 was an extremely important for the Xbox 360, having the same key role of boosting sales of the console when it was released

THE Microsoft wanted the Xbox 360 to be a success and needed a great exclusive Knowing of the greatness that Halo time – and scarcely knowing the size that success would reach in the following years – decided to bet Heavy: Spent nothing more nothing less than 40 million dollars in marketing, and this not only caused the game to sell well, but also several million of xbox 360 consoles were sold so players could have access to the exclusive A very smart move from Microsoft, because Halo 3 raised $ 300 million in the first week And not only this: the sales of xbox consoles 360 have opened space for an entire generation

Sixth, another phenomenon: Minecraft, with more than 12 million units sold Let's put Minecraft here, because we do not know for sure how many copies were sold specifically, we only know which went from 12 million There is one small confusion in the numbers because Minecraft was sold in physical and digital copies, and while the physics were responsible for almost 6 million units sold, the digital ones also counted and the Microsoft said it had sold more than 12 million in all It's kind of confusing, I know It is also worth remembering that of all games from our list, Minecraft was the of them, and this possibly helped their sales a great deal

Let's go to the next one In fifth place we have Call of Duty Black Ops 2, which sold 13 million units and was a resounding success The franchise CoD launches every year and is much criticized for this, but this only happens because every year it generates an absurd profit for the Activision Black Ops 2 had a gross collection of over 500 million dollars in the first 24 hours that the game was released At the time, in the United States alone, it was reported that about 2

5 million of people expected midnight in the queues of 16,000 stores scattered throughout the country to buy the game I can not tell You went out there, but the very idea of ​​pre-sale emerged as an alternative to try to solve the problem of people camping in front of the shops before the big releases In the pre-sale, the person paid beforehand and received the house, or could withdraw quickly in the store without the need to queue to buy Only after the pre-sale got his idea expanded to practically the shape that we see today Fourth, another CoD

This time, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, with 1326 million of units sold The FPS genre achieved booming growth and absurd success, with the CoD franchise as the flagship of all this Also, for cause of this, several other games, noting the success of CoD and especially of multiplayer, started to think that the secret of the success of a game was the multiplayer and began to adopt the strategy of inventing multiplayer modes not matter how or what The result of this were games that were once only single-player and had excellent campaigns having sequences with mediocre campaigns and multiplayer mode also mediocre: the teams were divided, so that one part was dedicated to the campaign of the game, and another to the multiplayer mode

We can quote here Dead Space 3, Resident Evil 6, which has totally changed its formula to try to suit multiplayer and increase sales, Batman Arkham Origins and so many others Do you remember some game that had incredibly multiplayer mode unfortunate and unnecessary on account of trying to increase sales? Comment there Third, Call of Duty Black Ops, with 1408 million copies sold Already convinced of the reasons why How old is CoD? Yeah

The franchise raises more than $ 1 billion a year to Activision, so if you expect them to can stop producing CoD every year, you can take the horse out of the rain They will continue coming, unless they start absurdly fail in sales, which is unlikely to happen in the coming years CoD Black Oops, a month and a half later of being launched, went from 1 billion dollars in gross collection Is it good for you? Bora pro nearby Second, another monster of sales: GTA V, with 1422 million units sold only on Xbox 360

Let's remember also that of all these games we talked about here, GTA V is the one that was released last and is here in second place a GTA V went from $ 1 billion in gross 3 days after its launch, and entered Guinness by breaking several records, including the fastest entertainment product to reach 1 billion dollars of all history Note that I talked about entertainment, not just games That takes into consideration movies, music, books, and everything This record only proves to everyone the power and potential of video games, which have already Hollywood as entertainment that moves the most money in the world

Before we move on to the first place, we have to remember also that GTA V was launched very close to the launch of the new generation, and had rumors that he would also leave for the new generation, though they did not know when Lots of people, who would already buy the playstation 4 or xbox one, decided not to buy GTA V for the old generation and wait Probably, if the game had been released before, it would occupy the first place of our list or not, will see it left on time and the rumors only helped even more, you will know Unfortunately, or fortunately, we can not go back in the past And now? Who do you think was the first place? There's still time to kick Pause o video again and comment there! Now that You commented, come on! First, taking the top of our list and taking the title of best selling game of the Xbox 360, is it: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, with 1428 million units sold

CoD Modern Warfare 3 had reached the mark of 1 billion dollars in 16 days of launch, and this was already absurd for 2011, year in which was released This only confirms everything that we've talked about Call of Duty so far in this video, for better or for worse Before we finish, a bonus: Kinect Adventures would take first place on the list, with about 24 million units sold However, as the game came along with the console at each sale and served to try to push down the consumer's throat the Kinect, and in this list people did not at any time consider games that came with console, so I decided not to put it in the list and make this mention honorable here Finally, it is worth remembering that these numbers are strange

If you search, you will find several more games lists sold of xbox360 with several different numbers, including some say that GTA V would already be reaching 18 million units sold to the console The truth is that any list is made based on estimates, games are produced in several different places and it is difficult to have a 100% correct value I just wanted to mention this here to avoid any confusion The lists serve only to give us a legal notion, never to cause confusion, then avoid fighting around with numbers, beauty? Now I want to hear from you: what did you think? Leave a Reply I'm going to stay here, I hope Have you liked the video? Much thank you for watching, follow me on social networks, they are so appearing there while I'm going to speak, facebook, twitter and instagram, if you are too lazy to type, you have a link in the description and quick you are following me and have a contact straight through the channel, knowing when new video comes out! Speaking of which, we are making 4 videos per day, at 14, 16, 18 and 20h, I recommend that you watch everyone and come back in time to watch more! Visit the channel site, hagazocom

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