Unboxing the 500 Million LE PS4 Pro

Greetings Today we're celebrating a major milestone in PlayStation history, the sale of the 500 millionth PlayStation system worldwide

That goes all the way back to the original PlayStation released in 1994 But we couldn't have done it without you So today we've got a sneak peak at our newly announced 500 million limited edition PS4 Pro, which I have right here Let's take a look First, note the unique packaging

This translucent cover let's you see the PS4 Pro within As we open the box, we find the PS4 Pro wrapped in a distinctive blue bag Very premium Now we see the unit itself Note the translucent blue console shell, a first for PlayStation in North America

And for the first time anywhere, this PS4 Pro also has a massive 2 terabyte hard drive for your digital content as well as a commemorative copper plate etched with the system's limited edition number But that's not all As part of this special hardware set, you'll find a 500 million limited edition DualShock 4 controller and matching PS4 camera These also boast the blue translucent shell design and they illuminate as you play This unit is something special and will only be available in very limited quantities around the world, so be sure to get it while you can

We'll have full details on availability soon We'll also have that DualShock 4 as well as a matching 500 million limited edition Gold Headset available for purchase separately next month Big PS4 Pro enhanced games like Marvel's Spider-Man, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are just around the corner, so this limited edition PS4 Pro is the perfect chance to join us in celebrating 500 million PlayStations sold A huge thank you to all the fans who helped us reach this incredible milestone It's only because of your support that we were able to make this possible

From all of us here at PlayStation, thank you