Unboxing PlayStation 3 Super Slim

This is the unboxing of the white PlayStation 3 Super Slim Let's see what's inside

Well, first, we find aAV cable, AC adaptor, USB cable to charge the controller,and the controller is what we find first, it's Sixaxis DualShock 3, if you ask

And now the moment you have wating for, the console Oh, I forgot something: Here are the console and everything's manual And now

Here it is: The white PlayStation 3 Super Slim Wow! It looks pure White! Now, let's see Removing seals Ooo

I didn't knowed that wasI thinked that the disc tray is open the tray But here is the eject button, the power button, and the 20 USB ports,

to connect a USB additional port, a USB device or something Here is the Ethernet, the HDMI, the optical audio, AV port, and the AC adapter Well, that's all! Thanks for watching! Good-by! Don't forget to suscribe, comment and vote