TWC9: AKS Goes GA, Deploying Containers to Azure on the Cheap, Xbox One S Dolls and more

Welcome back to another episode of This Week on Channel 9, I'm your host Christina Warren, senior cloud developer advocate Last week, I was in London — and as I said in the last episode, I DID try to get an episode recorded, but it didn't work out, so we'll be covering any of the big things we missed last week as well

That said, I DID get a GitHub t-shirt, and as I promised last episode, I'm wearing it Alright, let's get into this week's latest dev news First up, and this happened last week, Azure Kubernetes Service, AKA AKS, has reached general availability and is also available in five new regions, including Australia East, UK South, West US, West US 2, and North Europe AKS is Azure's managed Kubernetes service and it's a great way for developers to manage their container-based solutions without having to have lots of Kubernetes expertise Brendan Burns, the co-founders of Kubernetes, did an interview with Stella from the Microsoft Open Source team about AKS and what's next for Kubernetes that's worth a read

The June 13th episode of Azure Friday also covers the AKS GA news Links to everything is in the show notes Speaking of Kubernetes, the lastest episode of the IoT show right here on Channel 9 — and our Microsoft Developer YouTube page — is all about Kubernetes integration with Azure IoT Edge And since we just covered Kubernetes, we might as well talk about containers in general, where we've got a couple of stories worth visiting First up, Jimmy Bogard wrote a great blog post about containers and how they can be used to craft a build environment

Jimmy's post is really focused on how containers can be used in the continuous integration part of the build environment This post is focused on using containers as part of a local build environment, but a future post will look at using containers in a hosted build environment A hosted build environment sounds a lot like a cloud and cloud means Azure right? Well, this is my attempt at an awkward segue to introduce Scott Hanselman's post on how to cheaply deploy containers to Azure Scott even created a 21 minute video, showing the entire process And how cheap is cheap? Well if you use the B1 – basic tier — it'll run about $33 USD a month, but will be able to run several containers

Of course, you can always scale up if you need more, but the goal of the post was to be cheap Over on the NET blog, Rich Lander posted an update on using NET and Docker together, timed around DockerCon 2018 Rich's post offers a great overview of how

NET developers can try out Docker, developing in container, using ASPNET and HTTPS, and lots more Rich also has a great blog post about staying up-to-date with NET container images The

NET team pushes updates to its container images to Docker Hub multiple times a month, ensuring that everytime a dev pulls a NET image, they are getting the latest updates Microsoft maintains the NET images and they are built using official images from the Docker team This makes it possible to offer

NET Core on multiple Linux distros, as an example Windows Server images are also available Anyway, this is a good post for users who are unfamiliar with the update process across NET images And speaking of

NET, that's a perfect segue because this week, Microsoft announced that NET Core 20 will reach end of life on September 1, 2018NET Core 2

0 was not a long-term support release, so it gets updates just 90 days after the next NET Core release, which was NET Core 21 If you haven't already upgraded to

NET Core 21, you need to start planning for it now Links to migration guides for NET Core and ASPNET Core are in a blog post linked in the show notes

Also, for anyone curious, NET Core 21 will be a long-term support release, which means it will be supported with patches for 3 years In other NET news, Matt Warren — again, no relation, we checked — has a post on his blog about various tools you can use for exploring

NET internals Most of the tools listed are single-use tools, and they're open source to boot, so that's cool Thanks Matt, for this great post Shifting from NET a bit, the Xamarin team has a good blog post about how to support iOS 11 and the iPhone X in Xamarin

iOS apps This tutorial is important b/c Apple has indicated that beginning in July 2018, all apps submitted to the App Store must be built with the iOS 11 SDK and support the iPhone X's Super Retina display — and I guess the notch too If you've got an older XamariniOS app and you want to submit updates, you'll want to be sure you're updated The post has a great collection of resources, so check it out

For Python fans out there, the visual studio blog has a guide for getting started using Microsoft's Python developer tools that are availalbe in visual studio, visual studio code, Azure, and more And now it's time for my pick of the week, and since I was gone for two weeks, I have two picks The first is a great history lesson from El Reg (that's The Register) on the 25th anniversary of the PDF, AKA the portable document format It's a very fun read and the Microsoft angle is that Office 365 is getting integrated PDF services via a partnership with Adobe Document Cloud But honestly, even without that news, read the history of the PDF

It's fun My second pick of the week is one of the coolest toy partnerships I've seen in years The American Girl line of dolls now has an Xbox One S gaming set, which basically means that all American Girl dolls can become gamers, complete with gaming headset, gaming chair, and Xbox One S, and games I had an American Girl doll when I was little — Molly, the girl from WWII — and used to obsess over the catalogs of tiny, very expensive, accessories What I'm trying to say is that 9 year old me is trying to covince the me that is in my 30s that I need to buy this

Well, that does it for me Please be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more develper content And if you're a masochist, turn those notifications on so you can be alerted every time we have more great content Let me know your favorite American Girl doll in the comments! See you next week!