TOP 10: Лучшие игры для PlayStation 4 Pro

Despite all efforts Microsoft, PlayStation continues remain the most popular, stationary console, how in the world as a whole, and in Russia, in particular Well, and here, therefore, already vengeance on sale PlayStation 4 Pro, which is more expensive, because, which is a bit more powerful, and, behold, about games that is most increase in power will I feel pleased the owner console, improved graphics, I'll tell you

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Once PS 4 Pro came out, Monolith Productions was the first studio which immediately launched violent activities advertising updated version Middle-earth, which seems to I began to develop Long before the presentation the new consoles The updated version can started in lust resolution 4k, or with ultra-settings 1080 pixels Despite the fact that the game – one of the best that came out in the genre of the past year action, many have missed her And now, those who had a chance acquire PS 4 Pro, have a great chance to make up space

distinctive feature project – the existence of the so-called Nemesis system, producing each player has his own own content thanks Thus, even if pereproyti game a few times, you do not meet two identical Uruk captains, and each time is your enemy will revenge arise in different ways Deus Ex: Mankind Divided For Pro PS 4 in Square Enix prepared resolution of 4k, and pile graphical enhancements which ordinary eyes can and not notice, but the eye an old fan Adam Jensen, necessarily catch new shadows and new the play of light The main innovation is support dynamic system rendering (hereinafter – HDR: mode that allows you to achieve maximum contrast in slaboosveschonnyh scenes eliminating the famous mylnost) The rest of it is all the same cyberpunk

mankind is divided into two halves: one – the usual people, and the other – the cyborgs Some people hate the other, and kill, if possible More people, so they easier, but stuffed by most can not all sorts of implants, the protagonist – tough nut to crack, and that It proves in the long hours the single player campaign Nioh This game – one of the most fresh in our material

Japanese game, released in the Japanese console, so that there are no problems with the development, so to speak, home technology she has not happened So, the developers offer traditional 4k and 1080 a separate mode for cinematics: 1920×1080 or 3840h2160 that, in fact, and it is thus 4k And if the video is played with a frequency of 30 FPS, then himself gameplay will play with a frequency of 60 FPS, but, of course, not in the 4k, upon activation of the resolution frame rate halved As will be more beautiful – the question rhetorical Someone needs smooth pictures, not quantity dots per square inch and someone needed a point, and 30 FPS him enough

Personally, I believe that the smooth more important, especially when we are talking about a dynamic action movie like this Nioh – a clone of Dark Souls, too, with very difficult battles, but with a big difference: Almost every time you need to be fight with only one enemy This decision was taken in the testing phase, due to problems with the camera, who did not want time to turn Uncharted 4: A Thief's End On PS 4 Pro developers prepared Two modes: 2560h1440 with support HDR and 1080 pixels for multiplayer and a separate special mode 1080 in which All settings are automatically are set to maximum

It is this mode, by the way, and delivers 60 FPS, but at maximum resolution have to play 30 In addition, the version for PS 4 Pro has got a couple minor graphical special effects, which, so you're really not inspired, are more commercial character: "Buy PS 4 Pro, and be able to see more quality game world from the rays of the setting sun " If someone does not know, this game – a continuation of the famous no less famous adventure Natana Dreyka – a kind Cryptstalker, type Lara Croft, only male floor InFamous: Second Son Everything is simple: some improved special effects, HDR mode and simultaneous 4k-resolution support

This game, in its original performance, was one the first in the list of mandatory review Your hero – an ordinary city the boy, who, however, It was the usual for a brief period, and, because of certain reasons, obzavolsya superpowers, allowing him to do all sorts of ugliness May not be a masterpiece, as some but with a brisk gameplay, and unusual combat mechanics, so that the press paid to play close attention to, and, after 90 and Reviews on Metacritic allocated project acceptable 80 points Despite the flood of date (The game was released in 2014) looks It is quite modern, even without HDR-mode The Last of Us: Remastered

Perhaps this is the main game, which I have to fill up library newfound owner of PS 4 Pro The updated version has just three modes Origin – traditional 4k 3840h2160 resolution provided support for HDR, but only a 30-FPS If you want 60, then switch the second with a resolution of in 3200h1800

Well, the third mode, according to tradition, I drove the game in the Frame 1080-ti pixels, with support HDR, and the activation of all the special effects at full capacity In general, you get really beautiful, especially if you have the appropriate TV that supports the correct permissions For the sake of this game, by the way, to see it in the updated as people massively buy PS 4 Pro, but in order not to praise, were those to whom the adventure smuggler Joel and Ellie girls I liked at all Then, as they say, the taste and the color of all the markers are different Rise of the Tomb Raider

And one more adventure Playing the new hardware can boasts three modes Traditional comes with 4k frequency of 30 FPS But then things are as follows: Mode 1080 is divided into two options: 60 frames per second and 30 Sorry, but the maximum the number of special effects can only be obtained frequency of 30 FPS

slightly flawed igrodely Or, conversely: Modified honestly, and their competitors We pretended shoved all the possible effects, and now you can schedule unscrewed to the maximum, maintaining 60 frames per second If you want to know, for the sake of which offered to donate thirty shots, it was reported: for anisotropic filtering, hardware tessellation and dynamic system foliage, whatever that meant Is it worth it – let each answer himself As to the game itself, you get it is rather good than bad

Not a masterpiece, but not a failure Unpretentious puzzle pile logical nonsense and a smaller bust Lara Croft – in stock Battlefield 1 The DICE long concealed possibilities games on the new console Apparently we do not yet know, that there will be, yes to anything, but then still announced

The game is not radically improved, but something will change: They will be added to some texture, higher quality than not with the PC version, of course, but a version for PS 4, all the the HDR and better performance In particular, reported from the field a shorter loading and, in general, more comfortable game Resolution in the 4k, of course It is attached It is noteworthy that in the Digital Foundry – publication studied technical specifications all of which can only be – stated that the picture in this game, "single-digit" that is, regardless from your TV size, quality is the same On the one hand it is good, and on the other, for those who TV not cheap – bad

Titanfall 2 Unfortunately, 4k this game not threatened The developers have stated that They are not going to do anything like, because, I suspect, the prefix do not pull the time frame frequency Nevertheless, the resolution in 2560h1440 also turned quite acceptable, well to the maximum possible graphics unscrewed, leaving the standard 1080 This game – online shooter in the first person – this again, in contrast to the first part was diluted single campaign with some no plot

Its main feature – Titans: huge, humanoid Robots, which can be climb and terrify enemies In general, very good shooter for those who like dizzying, rapid multiplayer skirmishes World of Tanks Well, and, of course, World of Tanks If the money does not pay I want, and set-top box has there, then you here

PS 4 Pro provides a resolution in 3200h1800 and 3840h2160 with support HDR and maximum quality smoothing available only more or less powerful PCs You do need someone all this beauty – is not clear After all, has long been known that most zealous tankers, result-oriented, Bates graphics to a minimum, to be seen in the bushes tanks, and nothing distracted But the fans A simple gamer, of course, want beauty that PS 4 Pro and will provide