The girl was reported missing by her father

I had the cheapo headlamp from amazon for a long time and it worked great. I think the brand was yalumi. It eventually blew off my head with my hat during a windy race in West Texas and fell down a cliff. The Peoria Republican has pleaded not guilty.Prosecutors say Schock illegally sought reimbursement in government funds for lavish spending kanken backpack, including $5,000 on a chandelier for his Washington office, which he redecorated in the style of the TV series “Downton Abbey.” Associated PressFather of dead toddler changes story to policeThe father of a missing toddler whose body was found in a culvert under a road in suburban Dallas has changed his story to say the girl did not wander off two weeks ago but rather choked to death drinking milk in the family’s garage.Richardson police said Tuesday that the Dallas County medical examiner’s office used dental records to identify 3 year old Sherin Mathew, whose body was found Sunday by searchers with cadaver dogs. The girl was reported missing by her father kanken backpack, Wesley Mathews kanken backpack, on Oct.7.Police said the cause of death is unknown.Mathews, who adopted Sherin from India in June 2016 with his wife kanken backpack, Sini Mathews, was arrested Monday after he voluntarily revised his police statement on what happened to the girl.Mathews was initially charged with abandoning or endangering a child when he first reported the girl missing. Police charged him Monday with first degree felony injury to a child, which is punishable by up to life in prison.

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