PS4® Lineup Music Video「山田孝之4G、起動」ft. Pa’s Lam System

LUS Connection Initiated Thought Model: Yamada Takayuki System Boot Hello, World I am Yamada Takayuki 4G I analyze all games and suggest to humanity

An Artificial Intelligence Virtual Recommender Initiating Analysis Detroit: Become Human Install Complete Shape destiny with your will A tale of humans and robots The unlimited possibilities in your heart What happens now is up to you

Anomaly Detected! 'Emotion' found in system This is… E-M-O-T-I-O-N? JIKKYOU PAWAFURU PUROYAKYU 2018 Install Complete Synchronize to the pennant race Simulate match scenes First in series with VR Mode equipped Ambiance MAX, stimulant levels are… Measurement Error! Measurement Error! Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Install Complete 3D Motion Capture Realism Level Update "Beckham" detected in Legend Edition

Take in the dramatic play Caution to Rear! Caution to Rear! Ouch! Repairing Error Reinitiating Analysis BORDER BREAK Install Complete 10 vs 10 Team Battles To the battlefront Move Out Assault Heavy Snipe Support Blistering hot extreme speed

OVER HEAT! OVER HEAT! Code Vein Install Complete Undying Warrior Revenant Adventure with friends The Dungeon of Death Drink blood to live; Vampire! Insufficient Blood… Insufficient Blood… Lost Transformation Imminent System performed force shutdown Checking for unexpected behavior System Overload System Overload All Controls Unavailable All Controls Unavailable Yamada, Time to Go! Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2 In Earth and Space, 6 vs 6 Online Battles Zaku Dom Gundam Bam! You hit… me? Yamada, Time to Gooooooo! Persona 5 Dancing Star Night Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, Phantom Thieves and DANCING! Song Name Dancing! Outfit Custom! Tonight is Party Night! Perfect! Perfect! Party Night!!!! Controls Unavailable Controls Unavailable Requesting Instant Termination Repeat Requesting Instant Termination Denied It's calling more and more, My heart of Play! Humans

Play Play Play!!!