Prepárate para descubrir los secretos … Resident Evil 0 / Xbox One

Hello friends, this time let's buy a juice 💳 called Resident Evil 0 It's a third-person horror video game 🎮 being the same as previous deliveries

You control two protagonists throughout the game 🎮 You can switch between the police officer 👮 and the medical 🏥 Rebecca Chambers and former Recognition Officer Billy Coen If they travel together, any of them 👥 can be controlled while the other character It is managed by the AI of the game 🎮 You can also control both simultaneously or divide them completely 🌆 Each character has unique abilities Rebecca has a mixing kit that allows you to combine ♻ herbs 🌿 and other chemicals, 🚨 but it is weak on the defensive

On the contrary, Billy can move heavy objects, 💢 use a cigarette lighter 🔥 and a greater defense Reveals the mystery that is hidden after the accident in the mansion, 🏰 with amazing HD quality graphics, surround sound 🔊 of 51 channel, Mode (s) One player Developer: Capcom Chief executive (s) Koji Oda Genre (s) Survival Horror Classification: M 🔞 Release 📅: 19 JAN from 2016 Platforms: GameCube, PlayStation 3 , PlayStation 4 , Wii , Xbox 360 , Xbox One , and Microsoft Windows Approximate Size: 1068 GB The first thing is to go to the store, we move to search 🔍 and we wrote 🔠 Resident Evil 0, Once the game is selected, we will proceed to buy it 💳 In the description, they I will give more information of this game 🎮 if you have any questions or to carry 💬 Do not hesitate to tell me, I will gladly help you or go to this number, 📞 it's from xbox technical support

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