Nintendo Is Suing To Shutdown Major ROM Websites

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I'll be checking and seeing what you guys say, and we'll go from there This may be something permanent It may not be We'll have to see what you think Anyway, beyond that

Let's talk about Nintendo suing people, 'cause yeah! Nintendo is suing to shutdown two major ROM sites One is called LoveRETROco It's actually already taken down, and the other website LoveROMs is still up, but all the files have been stripped from it So even if you want to go there and look for ROMs, I got some bad news for you

Now, Nintendo states why, in their lawsuit, that they're going after these two websites, and this is what they had to say "The LoveROMs and LoveRETRO websites are among the most open and notorious online hubs for pirated video games Through the LoveROMs and LoveRETRO websites, Defendants reproduce, distribute, publicly perform and display a staggering number of unauthorized copies of Nintendo's video games, all without Nintendo's permission This includes thousands of games developed for nearly every video game system Nintendo has ever produced" And then Nintendo goes on to the lawsuit to state that, "Hey, these aren't just kids that are really passionate about Nintendo products

They were looking to get our games out there, on a large scale, and this is what they say about that "Defendants have conducted their online piracy business in willful disregard of Nintendo's rights Defendants are not casual gamers but are instead sophisticated parties with extensive knowledge of Nintendo's intellectual property, and the video game industry more generally Defendants know or should know that Nintendo owns the copyrights and registered trademarks for thousands of video games, related copyright works, and images that appear on Defendant's illicit websites" Now, if you think that Nintendo is playing games, no pun intended, the damages could reach up to a hundred million dollars that the defendants owe

So, they're not messing around, man And they want to make an example of these guys, who are distributing their ROMs all over Now, I know when I uploaded my review of the SD2SNES that Stone Age Gamer sells, and that's developed by Krikzz I got a lot of flack for that People were saying that I was promoting piracy, which I wasn't

But if I was giving you websites to go to, to download ROMs in the description, that would be different, that would be violating terms of service, and that would be illegal But I was showing a product that lets you play games in an archived way on your SNES, and you can play it on original hardware There are also ways that you could take your own cartridges, and actually transfer them into ROMs on your computer I know Stone Age Gamer used to sell something like that I don't know if they still do

If they do, I'll have a link to that below in the description So if you have Sega Genesis cartridges, Super Nintendo cartridges, you can put them in this device, plug it via USB into your computer, and it turns into a ROM So, you can't get any more legal than that But in terms of why Nintendo's going after these websites with such ferocity now is because they're making money off these games again You know, I mean they all

Nintendo was always very you know, aggressive with their intellectual properties, even back in the GameCube days But it wasn't to the same degree because back then, Nintendo wasn't making money off the games like they do now Even though the virtual console is as of now, no more, they're still selling games on the Nintendo Switch like Super Mario Bros, Mario Bros and a ton of other games

So, there is a big business out there for these retro titles, and it's not just Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are doing the same thing PS Now, you can play a whole ton of games Microsoft is reselling you original Xbox and Xbox 360 games, that either you can "backwards compatibility" on the Xbox One, or you could just buy them through Xbox Live, download them and play them that way So if you think it's just Nintendo that's going to be doing this, no man, no way I'm sure that in the future, if we see a bunch of PS2 games on a website, which is already happening now, original Xbox games, I'm sure Microsoft and Sony are going to do the same thing

As a matter fact, I'm not assuming so, I guarantee you that will happen So, this is just the beginning of these major lawsuits that were seeing from companies like Nintendo I'm sure there's going to be more in the future, especially as more people demand retro games, and more games get remastered So there's a lot of money to be made, and if there are websites out there taking money out of Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft's pockets, they're going to go after them And this is the perfect example of that

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