Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another great video so in this video I'm gonna show you how to install a great kodi build working well for kodi krypton any version 17 So guys first don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram and don't forget to visit my website for more informations about kodi 176 builds on kodi 17

6 krypton So guys today we're gonna install the salt life kodi build from the check the chipman tech build It's really a great build for kodi krypton Working well without any problem You can install the salt life kodi build itself life kodi built to your Amazon first stick or Nvidia shield or any other device easily and Enjoy watching movies and TV shows without any problem so guys you get the self Cody will go right here to settings then guys, check your system settings then add-ons if you a load announcer says so hello it and press yes, and then guys press back and You guys go to file manager click on it If your Kodi is new and you don't have anything installed via – Cody, you will get profile directory and add source If you use to install builds, you'll get your files Right here your list of sources right here So double click on add source Then click none and just copy and paste the address from my website guys To not miss any word As you can see right here Add-ons for me dot TK So forward slash It's better to copy and paste the address to put it right here so To avoid missing anything If you miss any word, you will get error and you won't be able to install the this great khali Build so guys you can write here anything you want press ok Then back back to the home page guys Scroll down to add-ons and click on it and here guys click on this little box in the top as you can see then click on install from zip file and Guys right here choose your file Then click on login program Shipman tech wizard Click on it So the wizard is gonna be install it to your Kodi crap-ton As you can see guys back and go to program add-ons you'll get The wizard install it to your kodi Just open it I know you guys got built you get maintenance you get save data you got contact and settings click on builds This is really a great cody wizard Shipment tech wizard it has a lot of things to install to your kodi 18 or holy Cripe Tom it has a great builds for Cody Leia and It ha it has 4 builds for Cody Leia and 5 builds for Cody crapped on

Hey guys You got the self-life build click on it And here I got the wizard updated So here guys you got the install page you got the fresh install If you have a previous built in solid to you Cody, and you got a lot of dem shit files You got a lot of problems running anything So here guys get the fresh install if your cody is new and you don't have anything install idiot your cody You got the standard install click on it And then guys, press yes install it so Your guys got it click yes install it as you can see And then the download process is gonna be running and It's gonna download the self-life build version 11 06 So as you can see right here guys, don't press in this empty space or press on council if you do that You've got to restart from 0 So be patient until everything is done, right? Without any problem and you can run this great build to your cody and enjoy watching movies and TV shows So here guys you got the download process done and now it's installing your files as I said, don't press right here in this empty space or Cancel if you do that, you have to restart the download process from 0 So it's a heavy bill you need 500 megabytes to install this gray code appeal to your device If you don't have enough space, don't try it If you have a lot of space you can install this great build and enjoy watching movies and TV shows So you guys you got everything done right without any problem now first close your Cody and Restart it again in your Amazon first second any other device to run this great amazing Kodi build and watch movies and TV shells without any problem and Here guys after installing this great amazing Kodi bill you got this great homepage So the skin is made up base it on New York's Silvo as you can see right here We got movies and TV shows Sections at once you got choose sections at once you get movies and Jewish TV shows together here down you got bullies as you can see you got all the greatest movies and most popular movies right now as You can see you can watch any movie you want and here up guys You got the widgets of all Popular TV shows available right now

We got 100 arrow You got cocky This one is really amazing one It's fantastic You can watch it especially if you like the karate so you guys it got all The popular movies right now So if you want to pick any movie you can get it click on it as you can see and you will get the streaming source and Here guys, you got the streaming links as you can see right here You can pick anyone to watch this great movie So if you have a faster internet you got the movie loading really fast If you have a normal internet, you have to wait some seconds So you guys get it working you got the Dunkirk as you can see you can watch it you can keep watching it all back So it's a great movie working

Well without any problem So as you can see here guys down You got all the greatest scurry add-ons You got popcorn chime all rhinos – wah, you got incursion It got tsunami you got Neptune rising So here guys, you can enjoy your life with this great movies and TV shows section right here and You guys got kids as you can see you got kids cave you got a lot of kids stuff right here You can enjoy it with your kids and family Here guys got documentaries Here you can watch all your documentaries stuff in this great section So here you can find Anything you want history? drugs disasters crime mafia Paranormal prison so you can pick anything So you can pick history if you care about history Documentaries and here guys, you can watch this grade This great section So you guys you got this great Documentary working right here without any problem so you can keep watching on it Here guys you got IPTV and more So you got some UK and US channels you got Skynet you got ducks bollocks TV one Some of these channels are working and some of them are not for sure so not all the channels are working And you guys get some channels working right here? So you got Animal Planet you got discovery You got a lot of channels right here So you can pick any channel you want and try it So if it works that's what I want what we wanted to if it doesn't so wait until the developer of this great Kodi add-on update the sources of Streaming links then they will work with you So I think they are not working I tried three Animal Planet's channels So all of them are not working so we wish that The developer of this build watch my video and fix the IP TV To let all my subscribers and viewers of this video Watch free live TV on this great build for sure and here guys got sports As you can see you got to get some support channel here

We got geek off you got planet MMA So you can watch this great sport here, but there is no more big sports section and this build there is not Supremacy sport is missing so it's a huge one You got you got but you can watch some sports right here in this section, but not that that Big library of add-ons on the sports section I'm not satisfied with the sports section right here you need to work on your sport section on this build if you wanna Get more people installing this build Here guys, you got music as you can see you can listen to music section here music is is really easy You get a lot of things on music It's not a big deal You guys got I view quite as you can see right here You got the eye view quiet you can know What is happening? on Any channel you want to? and BBC or a TV It's a great TV quite as you can see right here, you got sky cinema guys You got a lot of channels so family for we got So you guys got this eye view white I'm Here we got ups as you can see and then got system so guys if you enjoyed this great video don't forget to subscribe to my channel and Share the video with your friends and family and don't forget to thumbs up in this video I'll leave me your comment if you like this Great build

Its a new for Cody crap-ton, but it needs a lot of work to do by the developer change the dwell papers and approve and optimize the sports section and live TV also That's it guys Thanks for watching me and see you tomorrow for another Kodi build