Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another great video so in this video guys I'm gonna show you how to install an amazing Kodi build working well for kodi krypton And your Amazon fire stick or Nvidia shield or any other device? You have kodi krypton install it and You wanna get the great build working? Well without any problem Get this video and install this great bill watch movies and TV shows and enjoy it with your family and friends so guys first don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the in the Facebook group and Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram, so that way guys we're gonna keep in touch all together and you were gonna Keep in touch with all the news about kodi and don't forget also to visit my website for more informations So here guys today we're gonna install The juris chick kodi build It's really great bill jurassic park from the ukodi1 wizard working well without any problem on Amazon first second and NVIDIA shield or Android box or any other TV Box, you will get this great build install it

So here guys to install it click on settings then guys go to system settings and check if you allowed announce sources from add-ons click on it and Then guys, hello it if you have the diesel load look click on arrow it I press Yes and Then guys press back I'm here go and click on file manager Then guys if you use to install builds and add-ons you will gather your sources please right here if you're new to kodi and Just came across to my video may have Cody empty now I don't have anything install the achill Cody You will get profiles jury and add source double click on add source that guys click none and Copy and paste the address from my website to not miss anything guys Click OK and Press ok, again, if you want to name it ripple or whatever you want I Wanna name it ripple or any name you want it you can put it right here without any problem doesn't affect the source So source, you have it to you have to put it correctly To not to avoid any crashes or any errors or anything Click ok guys So press back back to the homepage and then scroll down to add-ons click on add-ons There guys click on this little box right here in the top So I'll click on install from the file Then guys choose your file Click on repository you Cody So the repository is gonna be install it to your kodi repositories Right here So as you can see right here guys, you got it the add-on install it Scroll down to you Cody 1 wizard click on it And he'll guys click on program add-ons as you can see and then click on you Cody one wizard Click install And hey guys got to do a Ducati one wizard install it to your kodi so click on dismissed right here and This miss again and here guys you can Select anything you're super favorites or stuff to keep it with you If you have a previous build or anything or anything, if you're new don't cook to Cody don't Forget about this click on continue Then click on build menu So you guys get this message twice you continue and ignore and Here guys, you got the list of a lot of great builds so here scroll down till The rustics or scroll up to Jurassic Park as you can see click on it It's really a great build you can subscribe to the great developer of this bill and Subscribe to you Cody wizard guys

They are doing a great work if you have a previous build guys click on fresh install to get everything new in your kodi if You have if you don't have anything install it to your coding and you're a new to cody your new user Click on standard install So I have a previous bill I'm gonna do a fresh install to delete everything and get everything new for this build Click on continue Our geysers can see the UK view Cody with the wrong one wizard is gonna Delete everything and replace all files with new ones So guys I wish you doing well and having a great time at home or world or doing whatever So here guys as you can see It's deleting all my old files who's the nerd replace them with the new ones? So here it's done it's done now the download process is going So don't press right here in this empty space or press on cancel If you do that guys, you have to restart the download process from zero so be patient until Everything is done and then run this great build in your Amazon fire stick or Nvidia shield and Watch movies and TV shows without any problem And Here guys, you got the download process done and now it's installing your files So don't press right here in this empty space or press on cancel As I told you if you do that, you have to restart everything from zero you have to start the download process from zero and You will go you'll be waiting so long and that's it It's better for you guys to avoid this and Put your remote control beside or Mouse or anything and wait for everything to be Completed and then first close cody and enjoy watching this great watching great movies and TV shows on this great build So guys as you can see everything is done right without any problem So now first clothes Cody and restart it again in your Amazon first sick or Nvidia shield or any other device To run this great Kodi build and watch movies and TV shows without any problem So click on first close and restart Kodi and Here guys after installing this great cody bill you got this amazing homepage So as you can see right here got favorites in This section you got all the favorite cody adams You got a tree oaks magic dragon supremacy graft dogs dead squirrel So right here guys you got some great cody errands and Back to TV shows So here guys, the bill doesn't come with widgets right here so if wanna enable the widgets on this grey build I'm gonna show you how to do that Like I did on the movies so go to System settings as you can see our system and here guys down click on skin settings Then guys on the main menu click on setup the ion Knox main menu click on it So here guys go to any section you want to enable widgets on it? For example go to TV shows click on TV shows Go to we select widgets number one none as you can see it's none and then select widgets it's gonna ask you to Download the skin helpful helper Add-on, you will download it To enable just preciate is gonna be downloaded and install it then press on select widget So here guys click on Add-on as you can see right here down and then choose video add-on and choose any add-on you like it fire cat or so You'll get the fuck out click on TV shows So you guys click on most popular or trending or whatever you want Okay called most popular shows So use it as widget click on it and then guys press back And here if you want to enable some case Case like this one or the design of or just glass

I like this one So press back and Back and back one more time to the home page So guys go to TV shows Here movies you got your widgets and when you go to TV shelves as you can see right here guys, you got your widgets So it's a easy steps to enable the widgets I have a lot of people the lot deal they love to have widgets on any bill Because some people are lazy to go to popular alright to go to anything click on here and you want to pick a TV show from The widgets right here So if you want to watch any TV show click on it So guys just Wait, you got the seasons? then choose your season and Choose your episode and watch this great TV show So who has got seasons? Pick any season you want so Click on it It's a great TV show ro you Can watch it with your friends family and everyone And who guys you got the iPods You got a lot of episodes you can watch anyone you can get anyone to watch it in your gray box Click on any I pisode you want to watch I'm all the guys showing you that it All the working stuff on this gray bill It's really amazing one It works fast and it performs fast

Really Really great suggest you to get it if you want to enjoy watching movies and TV shows So click on any link you want to watch this great show from it So choose any link you want to you got a lot of links So right here guys you got it working as you can see right here we can't stop it and back to the home page so You got a lot of TV shows right here You can surf them and enjoy them Also on teeth on movies You got a lot of movies right here You can pick any movie to watch it with your friends or family So hey guys got playground So you got marvel you got DreamWorks got a lot of things You have to find it by yourself and watch your great shows and thanks You guys got life and Here we got crotches This is a great Kody Adam I really love it so You can't Joe join the Facebook group

I am an admin on it So I'm gonna accept you if you wanna join this great build this great Cody I don't group on Facebook It's really great working Well without any problem so hey guys got cut TV catch up if you missed something On on the TV guys, you can get it without any problem if you miss something Today you can watch it with your friends or family or anyone Hey guys Got a lot of shows so The crotteaus is really working well and great amazing Cody add on It has a lot of things to see you got movies you got TV shelves you got a lot of things So for the moment there is nothing to stream because the show is just new just released today so huh have some patience guys and wait until Until the evening or Some couple of hours, you can get other links you can get other things from these great cody adams So guys here You got life break ground movies TV shelves Here guys you got sports So I got sport madrix I love this one It's really professional and Stable working well without any problem you guys got live sports and you can watch also the FIFA World Cup as You can see today there is a game between Portugal on Algeria you can watch it right here or watch the England England and Costa Rica right here so Today's games you can watch any event right here without any problem Now guys press back And here you got kids and life so you guys you got kids planet You got a lot of kids stuff you can watch it and enjoy it with your kids and family Here guys got favorites Here we got system if you wanna do and customize something and this great build you can do it on skin settings You guys got power if you wanna spit test your internet or cleaning tool force clothes Cody and Here guys got the fire cut the first Section which is a great Cody adult

It has live TV a lot of things you got live TV right here guys, so I got sport channels movies documentaries and kids You got a lot of things and a lot of choices in this grade cody add-on So he right here guys you got Animal Planet you got National Geographic Get some great channels they all work in So got it right here all snakes I don't like them so Guys this is a great cody bill for you to install in your Amazon fire sick or any other device Don't forget guys to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group If you liked the video guys, please press on like and share it with your friends and family Thanks for watching me and see you tomorrow for another Kodi build