Hello guys, this is kodi best Build back with you again with another great video so in this video guys I'm gonna show you how to install an amazing cody bill working Well for kodi krypton and your Amazon fire sick or Nvidia shield or any other device? but first guys Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page and follow me on twitter and on instagram And don't forget also to visit my website for more informations about kodi So guys first install this great bill, make sure you allow the announced sources from your system settings I'm gonna show you how to do that So guys to install the futuristic kodi build from the you cody one wizard go right here to settings click on it then guys check your system settings and Click on add-ons then a load and now sources right here and press Yes Then guys, press back and click on file manager Then guys if your Kodi is new and you're a new bite Cody It's your first time that you're gonna install something and Cody click on the add source You will find only profile directory and add source double click on add source So if you use to install builds, you'll get your list right here guys

Double click on add source and Copy from my website address and paste it right here to not miss anything So As you can see right here guys Press ok, and then and then right here we can name it whatever you want You can put your name or any name you want to use right here It doesn't matter click OK Right here guys, press back I'm Prince back one more time and here scroll down to add-ons click on add-ons Then guys click on this little box right here And then click on install from zip file then Choose your file right here from the list Then guys click on you Kodi repository Click on the last one is the new one the last version point one point zero point 05 click on it So the repository is gonna be install it to your Repositories right here So it's gonna be updated because I have it already install it click on install from zip repositories Then guides choose you Kodi one click on it then click on program add-ons and Choose you Kodi wizard to install it

I have it already installed I'm gonna announce taller than install it back Press install So here guys you got you got it install it to your kodi crapped on anything 17 You got Cody crap-ton and you have any version of Cody crapped on you will be able to install this great Cody build click on open And you guys click on builds And Then guys choose the futuristic cody bill from the list right here You have one single build for Cody 18 And I have too many for Cody crapped on so right here Click on the futuristic Cody build And you guys scroll down to if You have a previous build install it click on fresh install If you got a lot of problems running anything or any movie, you know get a lot of streaming problems They've got a lot of damn shit files to your bill do a fresh install to get everything new and install this great build with new folders and files to your kodi and You guys if you don't have anything installed yet to your kodi Your Kodi is new and you just came across to my video and you watched me and you wanna install this great build click on the standard installed As You can see right here and Then guys, press yes Install it And you guys got the download process running and I suggest you to not press in the empty space if you got this error message Check the lock for more information Don't worry It's only your internet My entrance is sooo slow so I have to Repeat that again because I got a lot of problems people asking me why should I? should it doesn't work for me or that as you can see, I have a really low internet speed as you can see it's only 200 kilobytes By second

That's so slow to download this bill or any bill I'm suffering really a lot with this Internet so guys if you got a check the lock for more informations and first time make sure you Your connect your internet speed is great Restart your router or Wi-Fi So that way you will get this build installed without any problem So that's it guys I'm gonna back after the download process is done Then we're gonna review this great amazing kodi bill together So hi guys you got the download process done And now it's installing your files to your kodi crap-ton Don't press right here in this empty space or press on cancel If you do that, you have to restart from zero the Download process for sure and then wait long and long So just be patient and wait Until everything is done right without any problem then run this great bill in your kodi box and enjoy this great Futuristic kodi bills and watch movies and TV shows for free without any problem So here guys you got everything done, right without any problem and Now you have to first cloves of your kodi and restart it again

Enjoy This great cody bill install it to your android TV box or amazon fire stick without any problem and Here guys after installing this great bill you got this amazing homepage So bill It comes without the widgets so we can enable the widgets By going to skin settings and enable them so i'm gonna show you how to do that When go to TV shows, you won't find any TV show or any widget I'm gonna show you how to enable the widget in this great bill But so you Cody is the winner great job making this great bill You can subscribe to his channel for sure but I Wish you enable to with the widgets automatically so people will avoid to go to System settings and skin settings and enable them manually So thanks for your great hard work to make Kodi community better So guys go to system and then go to skin settings and Go to the home window then setup the ion Knox menu and You guys click on TV shows as you can see right here on TV shows go to Select widgets as you can see, it's man click on it and then select widget style And choose panel or extended panel or whatever you want so panel is great and It's better so you can Do glass or case case is also great back back and Press back one more time to the home page So here guys go to TV shows So here in TV shows as you can see You got all your great TV shows right here without any problem and you got the widgets So here down you got all the greatest things you got popular shows You got top-rated you got box set and search You can search for any movie you want or any TV show you want right here? And here guys you can pick any one to watch it So you can't pick the Samsung of any TV show Get big arrow it's also great So here guys you got the seasons as you can see you got the season one You got spear salt then season 1 season 2 3 4 5 and the last season You can't get it you Get plus in town

If John rising You got a lot of things So you guys you can pick any episode to watch it Click on it then guys Click on play So here you will get this great episode and watch it so you can find you can pick a tree ox or any Cody Cody add-on you want to watch from it la santΓ© or anything? So click on play Santa it's really great So it's finding your providers And here guys got the links you can choose any link to watch this great TV show from it So right here you got a Vulcan so as you can see it right here You can seal or keep watching this great TV show I'm only showing you guys how to run it on how to make it work So guys got movies right here in this great section You can serve any movie you want to and watch it with your family or? Anyone as you can see, you got a lot of movies right here So pick any one to watch it with your friends or family And here guys you got sports you a sport matrix At Sports Center I love this great Cody Adam

It's really amazing one So you got some sport channels right here We've got the FIFA World Cup You can watch FIFA World Cup right here Here we got live sports So you can watch a Lot of things here you got Russia against Turkey you can watch it right here if you want to So you get a lot of things and events on this great amazing Kod, Adam, I got also WWE So you can watch greatest sports events with the sport matrix, he'll the add-on and Project Mayim I got a lot of things also in sports section right here So guys got TV shows then sports got kids So the same thing for kids if you want to enable right here the widgets in This great section

You can't do that by going to skin setting and enable them and Hey guys, we got favourites We got monster man She got maverick You got a tree axe got supremacy the magic dragon We got a lot of things right here guys You can Check it and watch your favorite movies or anything Supremacy is working well Without any problem you got movies you got TV shells Got sports replays you got 4k movies So here we got people watching you got most popular you got a lot of things So if you want to watch any movie click on it So supremacy is finding your links and here guys, you can put and Pick any link you want to watch it? So you got a lot of links So if the first link does work Move to the next link you get a lot of links guys You can select them and watch this great Tom Brady movie So it's not a big deal Then a lot of links

There are too many you can watch it guys So here guys you got fantasy You got comedy you got the commentary is right here You got a lot of things so you can watch any Section you want right here get a lot of sections right here You guys got music so you got radio you got fire cat music you got cheap music you got a lot of music things You can listen to your favorite song and enjoy it right here with your friends or alone So you guys got some IPTV They got Fire cut live TV I didn't try this one But I wish it works You guys got channels I Got a fire tiger So here guys get every digital you got a lot of indian channels on Paki channels That's what I found right here You got MTV MTV India I'm gonna only try if it works If This one works So you got it working guys so it works MTV India and Here we got the ABC you got AMC got a lot of things so it works well, so This is a great cutie bill, really Amazing one

It has a lot of things to see and to watch you get arrogant life I'll try IPTV and supremacy live night TV This is the most and the strongest IPTV section that I ever seen on any build It's really great and strong You have a lot of IPTV services, they are working Well, especially the fire cut live TV It's really amazing one and hey guys got the system if you wanna customize something on this build or back to the normal skin of Kodi I'm here guys you got Take care

It's a fun section if you wanna also clean or First close Cody or first update this gray bill, so guys Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the face group Facebook group and Facebook page I like the video and leave me your feedback in the comment section Thanks for watching me and see you tomorrow for another cody bill