Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another great video So in this video guys, I'm gonna show you how to install an amazing cody bill for kodi krypton working well without any problem if you have kodi krypton install it to your amazon firestick or Nvidia shield or Android TV box or any other box you can get this great bill install it and Watch movies and TV shows without any problem so guys don't forget first to subscribe to my channel and Join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram Don't forget to visit my website for more information about kodi So guys today we're gonna install the BMC kodi build from the boom media wizard advanced Wizard you get the boom community wizard

Then you will install the BMC cody build it works really great and well without any problem so guys to get it go to settings and then Check your system settings if you allow unknown sources Click on it and then a load announced sources right here and press Yes, then guys press back and Go to file manager click on it You guys if you use to install builds? You will guide your files right here if your Kodi is new and you don't have anything installed yet You will get only profile directory and add source double click on add source Then click none and copy and paste the address right here to not miss anything copy it from my website and Paste it right here HTTP for will slash four slash BOM Cody come forward slash repo forward slash and then click OK and Here we can name it Whatever you want repo boom So press, okay and back bad guys one more time to the homepage and then click on add-ons as you can see right here and then guys click on this little box and Press on install from zip file then Guys, you get repo boom as you can see then click on repository Boom So The repository boom repository gonna be install it to your repositories as you can see right here guys you got it Go to install from repositories and then choose boom Repository and then click on program add-ons and then boom community wizard I Have it install it when I you know, install it and install it bad to show you guys hold it works So here you got it The download process its Depend in your internet speed if you got us faster internet speed you will get this method really So quick So here guys you got the boom repository install it click on remind me later Click again on it and Click on dome community wizard and open it right here So as you can see you get applique installer bills menu maintenance restore So here guys click on builds menu And here guys click on on BMC clean build with no X version section as you can see right here, so If you want the fully loaded contents X section, it's up to you guys

I Have my family and respect myself and don't want to watch the X section I'm gonna get the clean one So it's ask you if you want to run a fresh start press yes, if you have a previous bill install it already and you got a lot of damn shit files and you gotta missing files in your kodi Click yes to fresh Star your kodi and get everything new if you don't have anything in your kodi and your kodi is new Just do a standard install You have only some add-ons on your boat and your kodi you won't lose your others You won't lose anything if you do normal and stuff click no So hey guys, as you can see The download process is going who are downloading the BMC cody build the clean version so I'm gonna back after the download process is done Then we're gonna reveal together this great amazing cody bill on cody crap-ton An air guys as you can see, we got the download process almost done So wait, don't press in this empty space right here Or press on cancel or if you do that you have to restart from zero You have to restart the download process from zero you guys get extraction files Don't press also on this empty space or on console be patient and wait until the whole process is done correctly, then you will run this great build and enjoy watching movies and TV shelves in your box So whoo guys you got This message the download is processed Ok and everything done right without any problem And now if you click on ok Cody's gonna first close itself automatically and you have to restore it guys So first close Cody and research enjoyed this great build install it to your device so here as you can see when you click OK then first close Cody and restart it again to enjoy this great build and Here guys after doing everything right without any problem You got this great amazing homepage So as you can see right here guys you got movies so in this movies section you got all Popular movies right now as you can see guys you get Avengers you get guardianes galaxy you got a lot of movies to see and to watch and to enjoy for sure with your family and friends and here guys, we got search You can search for any movie you want to? You got 4k You got a lot of things So here we got 4k and a lot of great movies So here guys, you can pick any movie to watch it with your friends or family without any problem you can pick Harry Potter as you can see Harry Potter or you can pick the avatar or just get out or Any movie you want it's really great and amazing and working Well without any problem So here guys as you can see you can pick any movie to watch it Can take logano any great movie Hey guys got the still vote Yeah there some providers So wait until You find a lot of providers to watch this great movie so if you have a faster internet you will Get that so fast You guys got direct link click on any link you want to and you would get this great movie working so you guys got it as you can see you can keep watching this movie or just Cancel and stop and back

You guys got the rest of movies right here You get baby driver get Titanic You got Laura Frank's Lord of rings you got Moana I got a lot of things Here guys got TV as you can see you got all the working and available TV shows on Netflix You got it right here for free every TV show on any TV show you have on Netflix You got it right here for free without paying any anything So here guys if you watch me you will enjoy your life without paying anything You guys got the trend in movies I got or TV shows You got the new TV shows and you guys you get a lot of things so I can serve and Watch anything you want you you guys got the originals You got a lot of things here so it's up to you to pick your TV show and watch it You got the zipper the zombie you got a lot of things guys With this great build you will enjoy a lot of things a lot of sections you can enjoy also kids section right here with your family and your kids and Keep your family together and gathering and watching movies and great things together drinking coffee a cup of tea But don't forget to hit that subscribe button on My channel you guys you got these links You can pick anyone to watch this great TV show So you guys you got it it's loading and here it works So keep watching it

It's from the estuary channel and Here guys, you got kids This Kids Korner is especially for your kids and your family You got the karate kid as you can see right here and got a lot of things you get uncredible So here we got its collection and a lot of things guys got placenta for for kids and Here we got sports In the sports section, there is a lot of things to see and to do So here guys you got the Sub Zero You got sport double you got a lot of sports things So On my opinion there is not a it's not a big deal on sports Events or sports section This sport section must be great there's only Maverick sports that is working Well And without any problem here you get live sport events You can watch the World Cup right here guys So You got all the events right here So if there is any event you will get it right here You got live sports channels gets poor highlights you got fitness section so You can work out your body with this maverick sport So you guys get favourites You can place all your favorites right here without any problem and add your movies to this section and you Guys got more you got placenta You got aura knows you got nipton rising you got this streams are tea the tea set

You got a lot of things And here we got apps as you can see you got Exodus you got YouTube right here You got some uppercase Terrarium morphus You guys got the system you can First close you can change anything on the skin on skin settings or you can set up a reality bridge account or whatever You guys got the boom media As you can see you get the boom media channel on the YouTube Some videos right here We can subscribe to this guy doing a great job You guys got the BMC So here this is the BMC Cody bill revealed for you guys It works on Cup in Koti crap-ton any version 17 on Amazon for sick or Nvidia shield or Android TV box or any device? novel get guys just subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and follow me on Twitter and don't Forget to visit my website for more informations about Cody if you missed the previous video Just get it guys put your feedback in the comment section and like the video share it with your friends Thanks for the support and see you tomorrow For another of codable