New 2DS XL Screen Protector and TPU Flexible Cover Review

So this is my New 2DS XL I bought a 2DS XL screen protector online, and we will see its quality and precision

Let's open it It came with a top and bottom screen protector and two cleaning cloth Wipe the top and bottom screen with a lint free cloth Prepare a masking tape and cut it a little Take the top screen protector and adjust it to the top screen

When you are satisfied with the position, lock it with the masking tape Lift the screen protector and recheck the screen You may clean it again Then peel the protection sheet and drop the screen protector Press the screen protector, so it attaches perfectly Then you can peel the top protection sheet

Remove all the excess bubbles to the side using the cleaning cloth Now it is perfect Now clean the bottom screen Adjust the bottom screen protector Attach a masking tape at its side Lift the screen protector then you can clean the bottom screen again

Peel the protection sheet and drop the bottom screen protector Press the screen protector to make sure it attaches perfectly You can remove the masking tape then remove the top protection sheet Remove excess bubbles if any It is now perfectly done Now we are going to review the TPU transparent flexi cover Let's open it You will get two pieces, one for the top side and one for the bottom side And it is flexible It won't scratch your console

Let's start by placing the bottom cover Just snap it in Then take the top cover and snap it Overall it is good and precise It looks cool and elegant You can carry the console anywhere without worrying about scratching the console's surface Thank you for watching this short review Please subscribe for more upcoming videos