iCover.ru: Обзор Sony PS Vita Slim (PCH-2000)

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We continue to tell you about the most interesting gadgets that you can buy in iCover At this time, let's remember about gamers and portable game consoles PS Vita, or rather its first version, was released a long time ago – at the end of 2011 the Japanese, which is always luckier for this and in early 2012 in America and Europe Vita was a replacement for the morally obsolete PSP, which Sony could not bring to the promised level performance PS2 With the new version of Vita, the same story as with the updates PSP – in October 2013 the Japanese version became available Slim, it's 2000

This means that the portable console is like has always lost weight and has received some improvements Although often Sony for such names hides an excuse for cheaper production, as it was with PSP Slim Let's try to figure it out, what happened this time In the box The version in our review is called PCH-2008, and it's a black console with a Mega Pack that includes 6 games There are also other colors, the code of the model is different only the last digit

Particularly pleased in the kit memory card at 16GB, which can be added to the built-in memory And Sony took care of users and raspechtala AR-cards for augmented reality Otherwise everything is standard – charging, USB cable, instructions, promo codes games The new version is easy to distinguish The design has changed and not only because the console lost 20% and became lighter by 15

The elements became more rounded Has not disappeared, of course, ubiquitous gloss, but Slim is more pleasant as it looks, and lies in his hands After PSP someone is possible surprise the impressive size of the console, but the thickness 15 cm makes it more comfortable to wear in a bag or pocket On the back were matte elements and areas, where you can place your fingers

But the rear sensor the panel became slightly smaller Some cosmetic Redesign has undergone the PS, Start and Select buttons And also design action buttons and D-Pad The buttons and stickers of steel A little bit tougher Stereodynamics also slightly changed

On top of the power button, and next appeared indicator charge Slots for game cards under the cap and buttons volume control right there Well, two hacks on laterally, naturally From the bottom is the same card slot memory expansion, next to a normal audio output 35mm and, finally, a standard microUSB for charging instead of connector of its own format

For this you need to say Sony thanks, because now the console can be charged from the same charging, as a smartphone, for example, and indeed convenient wear one cable On the back of the main camera, and the front for chats like the previous version next to the action buttons Her all the same you can accidentally close your finger during chat Ergonomics is not to be scolded for what, here Sony knows its business and all the controllers, buttons and even the touch panel are arranged so, that it's very convenient to play Yes, and keep the console itself in hands it is pleasant

Inside the console Let's move on to another important for the gamer part – stuffing There are no apparent improvements like the same, the same quad core ARM Cortex A9 and 512MB of RAM For the video is responsible a four-core chip PowerVR with 128 MB of memory Ie on the iron all very close to the iPhone 5 or iPad 3, except for The fact that the latter processors dual-core and videochip Without a plus sign, meaning optimization for software Sony instructions

Now about the screen It is 5-inch and touch, with resolution 960×540, which creates a margin of performance The Slim version now has an IPS matrix It is slightly less contrasting and saturated, than OLED-matrix usual Vita, but if you do not seen the first console, the difference is likely do not notice But thanks to the screen and other improvements, the console began to work for one hour longer

6 hours game By the way, they promise even more capacious batteries, which can be installed independently Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth – the standard for portable consoles as well as support for different connection technologies and multimedia playback, DLNA, for example On the cameras it is hardly worthwhile to say something, they are just there is also their quality is not impressive You can use them For games with support for augmented reality with AR cards

It's much more fun than taking pictures of Selfie Memory expansion cards can be up to 64 GB, built-in 1GB is enough only for a couple of small arcades or one normal game Ergonomics and interface Now we'll argue a little with those who predict the death of portable consoles in connection with the massive and inevitable spread of mobile gaming platforms – iOS, Android, well, all perhaps Yet so far no device, no iPhone, no iPad, nor any other gadget have reached that convenience control, which combines the real buttons and sticks with a touch screen and a back panel To understand this – you just need to try

And even a bunch additional gadgets for the iPhone that are trying to Turn it into a game console with real elements management has not yet been particularly successful in this Neither Logitech, neither Moga nor the mass of other producers could do so the same convenient and accurate controllers And in the new Slim they even slightly better than in the previous version, as if compensating a cheap screen After starting the console, you waiting for the usual for portable consoles Vita interface Here you can find the Welcome Zone with training, Store PS Store, browser, list of your friends and prizes, of course same

You can exchange messages with friends or invite them to the Party in a common voice chat during the game You can connect to PS4 through the appropriate application In this case, Remote Play is available – the ability to play games from PS4 to Vita, management of a big brother from a portable console, functions of the second screen and other usefulness On the second screen, shortcuts to media libraries of video, music and photo Here you can watch media files from memory, with home media server and other computers and etc

Near a map from Google, a mail application, data management on a memory card or built-in memory The ability to connect to the PS3 is also there with remote playback and console management, although in contrast from the PS4 is not all games are working The last screen adds all the installed games or a game with a game card inserted into the slot From above different notifications and indicator icons And with prolonged Pressing the PS below will bring up the quick settings menu, where you can find the inclusion of wi-fi and bluetooth, flight mode – everything is almost like in iOS 7

It is worth noting that for PS Vita there are most applications for communication, such as Skype, there is integration with Facebook, Twitter and Forsquare Are there any games, you ask? Yes in this kit quite a good set, only it will approach more likely children Therefore, we were not shy to make up our own Top 5 games, which are definitely worth playing So on the 5th position we, of course, Uncharted: Gold abyss – exactly one of the most worthy exclusive series on the Playstation in general, and the version of this action-adventure game for Vita significantly strengthened the position of the console Nathan Drake in the mini version is no less steep

Next, the 4th place: Rayman Legends – the continuation of the almost legendary and an incredibly funny series about the adventures of Reiman and his friends The next position is taken by The Walking Dead – a game on the same name series or a series of the same name game – you already do not understand, everything is so confused Second Place Killzone: Mercenary – portable version of excellent game, which has kept all its pluses on the PS Vita Well, at last, all fans of LittleBigPlanet are dedicated No in the first place not it, and Tearaway – one of the most creative games that we saw on the consoles in general

Just mast hev, that is mast play Well, the upgrade of the portable console from Sony looks like it is quite expected and logical Yes, again, the device slightly have become cheaper, but this time everything was less painful, than always A plus in the form of a longer battery life, improved control and more compact size justify the title of the best portable console Of course, the owners of the previous version is unlikely Do you immediately run to the store, but if you have smartphone with microUSB – there is a chance to get rid of two different wires for charging

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