How to uninstall Boot9Strap & Luma3DS Custom Firmware

This is my New 2DS XL with some unsigned games and apps Let's go to system settings and check its firmware version You can see that this is still running custom firmware

Notice the prefix there And I still can run FBI app The ability to run FBI on home screen is just one indicator that the console is running custom firmware Let's power down the console Remove the micro SD card from the console Insert the micro SD card to the computer Open the downloaded file with winrar

Then expand the micro SD card directory Drag both folders from the winrar archive to the root of the micro SD card Replace and rewrite files if any Reinsert the micro SD card to the console Press and hold Start and Power button to turn on the console Select Godmode9 if available Press Home button, then choose More Select Scripts Notice the two scripts below For New 2DS XL and New 3DS XL, choose New For any other console choose Old My console is New 2DS XL so I chose New Press A to proceed Then press A to unlock SysNAND The screen will go red, and soon after you enter the combo keys, your console will be at stock firmware

Press A to continue, then press A again to relock the write permission Press Start to reboot the console Let's go to system settings to check its firmware version There is no more Sys prefix The console is now back to stock firmware

You can see that the app and game icons are still there But try running FBI app You will notice that you cannot run this app anymore Now to remove all unsigned apps and games, we will need to remove the micro SD card again If you want to delete some of the games, then you can go to system settings and choose data management

In this tutorial, all my installed games are not signed So I will remove all of it Turn off the console Remove the micro SD card Insert the micro SD card to the computer Then to remove all files from the micro SD card, you can format it Reinsert the micro SD card to the console

Turn on the console normally Now your console is free of installed apps and games You can do another step by formatting the system memory if you like Thank you for watching this video guide Please subscribe for more upcoming videos