How to play Nintendo DS Games on Nintendo 3DS using a flashcart

Many people still love the Nintendo DS, and some of them want to play their favorite DS games on their 3DS even with its save data How to do it? Well, you've come to the right video

Welcome to another episode of Sthetix video tutorials This is my Nintendo DS Lite console I am using an old Supercard DSOne flashcart This flashcart is not compatible with the 3DS This is my New 2DS XL This is the flashcart's icon on the home screen I am using an R4i 3DS RTS flashcart for the 3DS In contrary, this flashcart is compatible with the Nintendo DS This is the content of the DSOne's micro SD card These are the firmware files for DSOne flashcart and the rest are the game ROMS and save data You can ignore the dso file that is generated by the DSOne flashcart And this is the content of the R4i micro SD card There are no games inside the R4i micro sd card

All you can see is the firmware for that flashcart Now copy all the game ROMS and save data from the DSOne's micro sd card to the R4i micro sd card To have your game save data recognized by the R4i, you need to rename it Let's try to run the game Now you see both consoles have the same save data This one is an easy peasy tutorial Do you agree with me? Now for the bonus part, I will show you how to enable game cheat on R4i flashcart Press the home button to exit the game Then run the flashcart again Press Y on the game icon Then press the X button to open the cheat menu Try to enable any cheats Then press X to confirm the cheats Try running the game now You can see the cheat effect instantly See the coins there Now you can see that Mario always have the Star power You can try activating cheats for any other games Now you have completed the tutorial Thank you for watching this video

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