How to download 3DS games with Villain3DS

I have this 2DS XL filled up with my favourite games from the eshop And I also installed the game updates and DLC To be honest, I got it all for free Do you want to know how I did it? Use your web browser to open this URL Or simply use this shortened URL to get there Then click the download link below As I made this video, the latest Villain3DS is on version 00

4 Double click the folder and you will see four different versions to download I downloaded the x64 version for Windows Now extract the downloaded file to desktop Double click the Villain3DS executable file You will see a massive library of games and apps instantly inside the app You don't need to set up anything It just works automatically But there is no way to setup the region of games and app to show on the home screen for now Let's try to download some games Like Harvest Moon and its update Click the Download button It will start the download automatically The best thing about this app is it will automatically convert the downloaded files to cia format so you can install it later using FBI Now let's try to download the game update Let's try downloading a larger game Kirby Planet Robobot is about 665 megabytes, so let's to download that game Villain3DS will give you some options on how you want to download that game It is because the game size is quite large I have an Internet Download Manager installed on my computer so I chose that option It will surely download the file faster if you are using IDM Now click the I've Download It option Since the app is still under development, you will see some bug just like this

The game which is downloaded with IDM cannot be converted to cia format But don't worry, I have a solution to fix that problem Just close the window and press the Download button again Then press Keep It on all files Now the game successfully converted to cia format Now open the cias folder These are the downloaded games in cia format and ready to be installed This is my 2DS XL It is running custom firmware 116 Remember that you have to install custom firmware on your console in order to install the cia file format Turn off the console Now we will need to remove the micro SD card from the console Now you need to copy the downloaded file to the cias folder on your sd card Reinsert the micro SD card to the console Run the FBI app

You should have this app if your console is running a custom firmware Navigate to SD then go to cias folder Select the current directory then choose install and delete all CIAs Press any button then press B several times and then press start to exit FBI Press OK then you can unwrap all the new installed titles So, you have completed the Villain3DS tutorial Thank you for watching this tutorial Hit like and comment if you need help And please subscribe for more upcoming videos