– [Kayla] Um, I'm doubting my skills – [Connie] You can do it, keep going Kayla

(laughs) – [Kayla] Fingers – [Connie] Nice – [Shawn] Good job (laughs) – [Connie] What's on his back, is that a tail? – [Kayla] Yes – [Connie] Where does he have a tail? – [Kayla] Oh, He doesn't have a tail

(laughs) Where's the spatula? (rock music) – Hi Everyone, We Are The Davises – What's up everybody! – Today, we are going to be doing the hugest pancakes challenge I think ever I don't know if anybody's done pancakes this big, but we bought these really extra large griddles These pancakes are gonna be really really big, and its gonna be a challenge to see who does the best one – We have a special thanks to Nintendo for sponsoring this video today

We are gonna make characters I guess, based off Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers, Its gonna awesome We've got a whole bunch of different characters that we're gonna try to do All for the new Nintendo 2DS XL, which you can buy online or at a number of different stores for about 149 dollars and 99 cents – So, do you guys want to show them some of the cool stuff that Nintendo got us? – Yeah, let's do that, that sounds awesome This is the new Nintendo 2DS XL, I got the orange one – I've got the blue one, with black all over it

– And then, when you get the yellow one, it has a Pikachu face on it, and its head – [Connie] And I got one too, I got a Pikachu – Mommy got a Pikachu, so me and mommy are matching – [Shawn] Which one's mommy's and which one's yours, can you tell? – The cheeks are different – [Shawn] Their cheeks are different, is that it, oh – [Connie] Thank you Nintendo for sending us these awesome systems, we'll get used to again

– We've got Mario Kart 7 – Super Smash Brothers – And Super Mario Bros 2, new – [Connie] We've been playing all of them, haven't we? – [Kids] Yes! – When I was a kid playing Super Mario Kart for the first time, you couldn't carry it around in your hand like this – These are awesome for taking on the road

– You could totally play these games with each other, while driving around, so – Unless you're the one driving – Unless your the one driving (laughs) – What are these down here? – These are Amiibo So, this is Link from Legend of Zelda right, right right? – [Shawn] Mmhmm

– And we got Pikachu – There's Mario, Mario Depending on the game that you're playing, because these will work with different games It'll unlock certain features on your new Nintendo 2DS XL system And all you have to do, is, depending on the game you're playing, you just tap it to your system, and then all of a sudden the features that are unlockable become unlocked and a whole new world of mystery is opened up for you, it's awesome – We'll show you a bit more of that in just a minute, but we need to get started with the pancakes before the batter starts exploding, cause once it warms up it definitely– – It's already starting, oh, ones erupting

– It's starting to bubble over right now We are gonna get started I'm gonna do Mario, I hope I can do this (laughs) – I'm gonna do Yoshi – Can you guys see Yoshi? So, that's gonna be who Kayla works with

– I got, what I am, a superstar – And I've got a Koopa Troopa – 'Cause you are kind of a Koopa Troopa – So, does anybody know what Mario was first featured in? – Mario? – Donkey Kong? – Yeah, ding ding ding – I was right? – Donkey Kong, and he was called Jump Man at the time, not Mario I don't know if any of you guys had heard of that

That was a favorite game of mine when I was a kid I remember those arcade games in the grocery store, and it had Donkey Kong on it – Donkey Kong, yeah – So, I gotta get his face on – Does Mario have any relatives? – Yeah

– He does, like a cousin or an uncle or a – He has a brother – Oh, that's what I was wondering

– Luigi – Luigi – [Connie] Oh my gosh, his hat is a little bit on the runny side, its all good – [Tyler] It looks like a baseball player – [Shawn] Kinda, it actually looks pretty good

Now I'm kinda nervous – [Connie] Do you know what games Mario has? – [Tyler] Like a billion – Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Super Mario Bros Its just over here – [Shawn] I've got the easy one right here

Donkey Kong – [Tyler] Paper Mario – [Shawn] Paper Mario, that's what it was I knew it was something like that That looks pretty darn good

– I picked Mario because he is super famous, he is really good at jumping and breaking bricks He has this really awesome brother that we were just talking about, and they have similar talents I should say, right? – Did you know Luigi can jump higher than Mario? – Can he? – [Kayla] He's taller – [Shawn] Oh, I thought they were twins They're not identical twins, I gotcha – [Tyler] Fraternal? – Fraternal, now Mario should have white gloves, but since we can't turn the pancake mix white, at least I haven't figured out a way, he's gonna look like he has regular hands

– [Tyler] I know another game Mario was in – [Connie] What's that? – [Tyler] Mario Odyssey – [Shawn] Ooh, yeah, that's a good one – [Tyler] The new one – [Shawn] Yeah

– [Connie] What do you think so far? – [Shawn] You know what, I can't tell the difference – And then he needs a mustache and a nose, right His nose is kind of, I mean obviously it's suppose to be skin color, but I don't know how you make the nose stand out There's his mustache There's his nose

– [Tyler] His nose is huge – Yes, he does have a big nose, his eyes should be bigger So, we'll see if I can pull this off – [Shawn] For some reason, all I can hear in the background is (sings Mario Brothers music) (laughing) – [Shawn] The most incredible Mario pancake I've ever seen – He has buttons

– [Shawn] Ooh buttons, can't forget the buttons Bam, which one is the real one and which one's the pancake? You guys vote, #left, #right, I don't know, We'll have to see – [Tyler] #middle – [Shawn] #tagtheoneinthemiddle – Well, I feel quite accomplished actually And I'm very excited, because– – [Shawn] You set the bar way too high, dude (laughs) – I'm excited to be playing some Mario Kart in a few minutes here

– You know, chances are you're probably gonna get first place in the pancake challenge, but there ain't now way you're gonna beat me at Mario Kart It's just not gonna happen Good job, look at that, that's really impressive, man – [Connie] Lets see if we can move him I don't want to break him

– [Tyler] Don't rip off his arm – [Shawn] What about his legs, ahh Beautiful, look at that (cheering) Flawless execution – Okay, so there's Mario

(sings Mario theme song) Alright Kayla, lets see whatcha got So, she's got Yoshi, we showed earlier – Just gonna go – [Shawn] You go girl, you do it – Oh my goodness

– [Tyler] I think it's cool, cause Yoshi actually has his own game called Yoshi's Island – [Connie] Yes! – [Shawn] Very cool! – [Connie] So, is Yoshi Mario's friend? – [Kayla] Yes – [Tyler] Yes, he's actually- – [Kayla] Mario's friends with Everyone – [Connie] So, Yoshi's one of the good guys – Yes

– Mario can ride on Yoshi's back, and Yoshi can eat things with his giant tongue – He's got a really big nose – [Connie] That's what makes him so adorable – Obviously – [Tyler] He can flutter which means he can fly

– [Kayla] (whispers) Its so silent cause everyone's – [Shawn] (laughs) We're watching with such intent Will Kayla outdo mommy? (upbeat music) – [Kayla] Oh my gosh, guys

– [Tyler] He's so dorky (kids gasp) That's a mouth (laughs) – Um, I'm doubting my skills – [Connie] You can do it, keep going Kayla! (kids laughing) – [Kayla] Fingers! – [Connie] Nice! – [Shawn] Good job! – [Tyler] Nice, nice! (kids laugh) – He's like, ahh! (family laughs) – [Connie] What's on the back, is that a tail? – [Kayla] Yes – [Connie] Why does he have a tail? – Oh, he doesn't have a tail

Where's the spatula? – [Tyler] What is that, (laughs) – [Shawn] He's like, Ahh, you just cut off my tail, ahh! – Then he's got this red mound on his back – Those are his, like, spines – Spines, yeah – [Tyler] But it also looks like it's red on the back but orange on his head – Every time I look at this face

(laughs) – Bam – Bam – [Shawn] Oh, she's getting detailed with the soul Yoshi's got soul – [Connie] Nice

– This shoe, he's gonna be kicking his foot out so his shoes just kind of – [Connie] Yeah, that's a good idea He's super cute! – Every time I look at his face I have nightmares

(laughing) (Connie singing) – [Shawn] You gotta let her get in and get the nostril – There – Okay – Oh no! – Oh no – [Tyler] It looks like Yoshi

– [Connie] You rock girl! – Good job Baby Boo, boop – [Connie] Okay you guys, Kayla totally did awesome! (family laughs) – His tongue is just like ahh, art – [Tyler] Art – [Connie] Let me know if you need a hand – [Shawn] Beautiful, look at that, one piece, no damage

– [Connie] I think we need to show them an example of one of the games – [Kayla] Okay – [Connie] Everybody's turning on and loading up their systems (game music) – [Tyler] New Super Mario Bros 2 – [Connie] So, you could play by yourself or you can do co-op

– [Tyler] With a friend – [Connie] Yes, one other person can play with you – I go Mario – Okay, I'll go Luigi Now were doing this little intro – [Connie] So, they're in the Mushroom Kingdom, right? – Yes

– Yes – [Connie] And you guys have to work together, so this is a team effort, so what are you guys working on right now? – [Tyler] We're gonna save Princess Peach from the Koopalings So we have to go through six different worlds and there's two bonus worlds, so, those bitcoins unlock extra levels, with Toad – [Kayla] How do you get up there? – [Tyler] You, ah, when you, Yeah, there you go – [Connie] So what does the fireball do? – [Kayla] You can kill things! – [Tyler] Kayla, lets go up here

– [Kayla] Oops, you just died, okay, lets go this way – [Connie] So, wait, if you end up in a bubble then your partner has to pop it so that you can play again (laughing) There's Tyler swerving back around again – [Kayla] I need it – [Connie] You did it, you made it through the first level! – [Kayla] I was higher

– [Connie] Okay, so that's how that game works, right? – Yup yup yup yup yup yup yup Super fun – Alright, so who's up next, is it gonna be– – Me! – Do you want to roshambo for it? – No – Look at you (laughs) – Okay, now, I am doing the Koopa Troopa Mario

So, lets get started with some yellow – [Connie] So Koopa, is he a friend? – No, he is a foe! – [Connie] He's the turtle that gets us killed – Yes Is he's trying to eat the pancake? – [Connie] It's looking pretty good, I can totally tell that's his face And Koopa doesn't just have a green shell, does he? – No, he has a red shell, and in Mario Kart he has a blue shell

– [Shawn] What do the green shells do? – They're not homing ones, like the red ones They just shoot randomly – Or they go straight then they bounce off things – Yeah – [Shawn] And then the red ones? – [Tyler] They are homing missiles

– [Shawn] And what do the blue ones do? – They go straight for first place – Sweet! – And they have spikes on them, and they're scary (laughs) – [Connie] You rock! – [Kayla] I love his face! (Shawn laughs) – [Connie] Working on that Koopa – [Tyler] He's playing Mario Kart – [Connie] Dad's getting some practice in so he can beat us

– [Shawn] I will get to practicing (laughing) That's pretty good, Ty! – [Connie] He is coming right along there (upbeat music) So here's Tyler's, is Koopa I would say that was pretty identical – [Shawn] Can't hardly tell the difference

– [Connie] Good job Ty! Now he's playing Mario Kart, its hard to put 'em down What do you guys about Mario Kart? – It's very challenging – [Connie] You could play by yourself if you want, or you can play with up to eight people – Yeah, and there's online – If you're connected on the internet, I was racing the other day with some guy in Peru, one dude in Argentina, some guy in Japan and another guy in South Korea, so I thought that was pretty awesome, and I won, so

(laughing) Tyler? – [Tyler] Yeah? – [Shawn] We're still making pancakes here bro – Oh! – [Shawn] Hey, are you ready to hold that? – [Connie] Is that gonna make it on one? All the others have been lifted with two Don't break it, man! – [Shawn] Bam! – [Connie] It's a success! – I probably have the most challenging one of them all

The star, superstar The kids have been giving me a hard time, look how easy he is, but look at all the different shades of yellow I have to try to accomplish here, right? It's not just gonna be a star, alright? It's gonna be a superstar! – [Connie] Let's see if he can do it – I can't do it (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Connie] So what does the star do? – [Shawn] He makes you invincible – [Tyler] Yes

– [Shawn] In every game, I don't think he has any other function, when you get the star you can just bowl through everything (upbeat music) – [Connie] I want to play Mario Kart We gotta get this star done! Wrong order, um, yeah, you got it wrong – Hey, in my world rainbows look different, okay? Deal with it Bam, that's how you make a superstar, baby! – It looks awesome! – I just hit myself with my own banana! – [Shawn] (laughing) They got him

– [Kayla] Look at mine! – [Connie] Kayla couldn't stand that the rainbow was out of order, so Kayla made one – [Kayla] (laughs) I made my own – [Connie] Here's Kayla's – [Kayla] Mine's way cuter – [Connie] It's so little – [Kayla] Mine's so cute! – [Connie] It's gotta to cook for one minute

– [Shawn] One minute? – [Connie] One minute! – [Kayla] These are the kind of pancakes that I wish I could get in the mornings – [Connie] (laughs) Nice colorful rainbow pancakes? – [Kayla] Yeah, pretty ones – [Connie] There he is, a work of art, superstar! Good job Dad! Alright, so here's mine – [Tyler] That's not too bad – [Connie] I've got Mario

(shouting) Yoshi, Kayla's Yoshi, yes, Kayla's screaming 'cause that's what he looks like he's doing (kids laughing) Koopa, Tyler's Koopa – [Tyler] Koopa Troopa! – [Connie] And of course– – Superstar! – Yes With the awkward rainbow – The superstar

– [Shawn] It's not awkward, that's just my rainbow world – [Connie] Okay you guys, vote below which pancake do you like the best – [Tyler] Kayla's, all the way – [Connie] Are you guys ready for Mario Kart? – Yeah! – [Tyler] Yes, finally! – [Kayla] Oh, I'm in second! – [Tyler] Oh, this is a really short race – [Connie] Aw he's so cute! – [Tyler] Oh Kayla's in second? – [Connie] Mmhmm

– [Shawn] What? Not for long – [Kayla] What? – [Shawn] Bam! – [Kayla] That's frustrating, I'm still in second – [Shawn] Bam! – [Tyler] Mom, are you Luigi? (screeches) – [Connie] Oh, I'm going into the lava! – [Tyler] That's Toad – [Kayla] No, I'm Toad – [Connie] I'm definitely in last

– [Tyler] Kayla's first – [Connie] Dad's in sixth place over there – [Shawn] Argh, I just ran into a big giant monster thing or whatever – [Tyler] Third! – [Connie] Let's see Kayla over here – [Kayla] I think you just got lapped, Mom

– [Connie] I got lapped? (laughing) Aw man, I think I gotta turn around – [Tyler] Aw I'm about to finish this race! – [Shawn] I hit my own turtle! – [Kayla] I won! – Good job Kayla! – You got first? – [Kayla] Yeah – [Connie] Woo, alright, I'm way in the back (gasps) That means I get to go faster, right? – [Shawn] Hit it, hit the button, hit the button, go! – [Connie] Yay, I'm bumping everybody, flying! (cheering) – [Shawn] You're in seventh place, aw – [Connie] I shot all my turtles – [Shawn] I'm just gonna tell ya it probably helped more if you stay on the track – [Connie] Okay – [Shawn] But everybody has their own racing style

– [Connie] Oh no, ah – [Tyler] I'm in first – [Connie] Oh no! – [Shawn] Kayla uses the turn the device or the system technique to help play better – [Connie] I'm still in seventh Avoid the banana peal! – And I died

– Oh – [Tyler] Ahh I went right in between the two power-ups! – [Connie] I'm still in seventh, I felt like I was doing good too This is awesome – [Tyler] I got a gold mushroom – [Connie] Did Tyler just win? – [Tyler] Yeah

– [Kayla] Okay, well I finished in sixth – [Connie] I'm seventh (laughing) – [Shawn] Good job everybody! – [Tyler] One more race – I may do a rematch after this is over – This is the end of the video? – Yes, you guys go into the description below to get more information on the systems

– They are the new Nintendo 2DS XL systems They are awesome – And all the Mario games that we just showed you in this video today – Don't forget to vote for whose pancake you thought was the best, I think it's mine because mine looks like he's screaming in terror (laughing) – Mine had a unique rainbow that's never been done before

– Well mine actually looks like the thing – And then of course Connie's actually is Mario, so– – Mine is Mario – It's perfect in every way, every dimension is accurate – He speaks for himself – So, comment down below and until next time

– [All] Bye! (upbeat music)