Get these Nintendo Switch games FIRST

– I get a lot of stupid questions Tweeted to me, DM'd to me, emailed to me, for example, "Should I buy a Nintendo Switch?" One of the most frequent questions that I get is, "I'm going to buy a Nintendo Switch, "so what game should I get?" Now this isn't a stupid question, but I do have a million videos ranking the best games, for all different types of interests But I guess I don't have a definitive guide

Something that I could send to these people straight away, so that's what we're doing today This video is sponsored by nobody, just Wulff Den Apparel, hah If you wanna support the channel, we wanna make you look good We designed everything from the ground up to avoid these other cheap, novelty merch companies We want you to want to wear this stuff

Check it out in the link and description, all right here Instead of a linear list of games we're going to break down the best Switch games into three tiers, the first tier being the absolutely must have games Granted you should be able to tell at a pretty quick glance what games are for you and what games aren't Some games might be phenomenal, but they're not for everybody The tier structure is meant for you to consider in order of the tiers

Once you've considered all of the games in the first tier and combed through it for the ones you actually wanna play, then consider the second tier, and so on We're gonna try our best to focus on single player games If you want a game to play with friends or you want some party games at your disposal, I have a whole video on that so check that out We're also gonna try our best to stay away from ports, but in some instances the Nintendo Switch is the best way to play certain games, so sometimes it's unavoidable The first tier consists of the heavy hitters

You've got Mario, you've got Zelda, and in the future we'll most definitely be adding Pokemon Let's Go, and Super Smash Brothers Ultimate What all of these have in common is that they're Nintendo Switch first party titles Now one of you is saying, "But Bub Zelda came out "on the Wii-" you shut up These are all games that have a very low chance of not being among one of your favorite games on the console You should know about all of these by now, but Breath of the Wild is an incredibly fun sandbox, you could easily dump hundreds of hours into

But hey, open world games aren't for everybody, so there's also Mario Odyssey, which is literally for everybody Unless you have a blood lust and you think it's for Sally's, in which case you probably have deeper issues What's the matter, your daddy never let you get sprinkles on your ice cream? Oh no daddy, well same difference In my opinion it's the best 3D Mario game ever created, and it's certainly my favorite game on the Switch Everybody has played a Mario game at least once, so you know what you're getting with this

Pokemon Let's Go isn't out at the time of this recording but it's a remake of Pokemon Yellow, which is a favorite of my generation and it integrates some elements from the Go mobile game Which is somewhat of a controversial decision, but hey, I don't think it's up for debate that it will probably be one of the best games on the platform, more on that here There's also Super Smash Brothers Ultimate There has been a Smash Brothers game on every single Nintendo 3D console, and that game has always been in the top ten games of that console Hell, I would even say top five

Not only will it be a great multiplayer game, but I'm certain there will be a ton to do by yourself too More on that game here Now if you're serious about your Nintendo Switch purchase you should probably get all of these games You will play them and you will enjoy your time with them If you are more of a casual, and hey nothing wrong with that, our time on this earth is limited, you should be able to tell which ones you'd be into

And you know what, let's add Fortnite to tier one Not because it's the best game ever, but because it's good and free, and there's no reason not to play it Over on tier two we have all of the games that you have to play, after you've already had your fun with everything in tier one So right off the bat we have Celeste, which is so far my favorite game of the year It's a very fast paced platformer

Like Super Meat Boy but with a mid-air dash The level design is brilliant In the same vein there's also Hollow Knight, which admittedly I haven't played yet But a lot of people have been sending it to me and it looks really good, and eventually I'll get to playing it Right up there with those I would also toss in Splatoon 2

It's main stich is it's a multiplayer, which is good, but there is a massive single player component That has gotten a lot better if you wanna shell out the extra money for the recent Octo expansion Splatoon is Nintendo's version of a shooter The main objective is to cover the entire map with your ink color, but you can still dunk on people in the process Just don't be that guy who only does that

By the way, if you have this game we'll be streaming it on Sunday with some supporters and viewers, so more on that later I'd also toss in Sonic Mania Plus The Plus expansion just came out, and adds two more characters and a whole new Encore Mode that makes any two combinations of characters play like Sonic and Tails, and has you rotate between them as you lose lives Once you're out of characters it's game over It adds a ton of variety to the gameplay, and really revitalizes the game for me

I was super-stoked to be playing it again, on top of the fact that it's one of the best 2D Sonic games ever made It only took them what, 23 years to get it right again? Recently I've heard a lot of talk of this here Octopath Traveler Full disclosure, I am not an RPG guy I am not a turn based guy and I am not a JRPG guy, so this game seems like my ultimate hell But the internet has been ablaze over this game for the past week, so if you're into JRPGs this might be worth checking out, and that's about all I gotta say about it

In the same vein we'll toss in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 A big fat JRPG that you could easily spend over a hundred hours in Again, it sounds like my hell, but hey, maybe you're a masochist? The last game in tier two is Stardew Valley This is a port of a game that's been out for a little bit, but it has been unanimously decided that the Switch version of the game is the best version Stardew Valley is a game that you are meant to sink into your couch with

Maybe unwind in a park, play on a long car ride or a flight It's a chill game and being able to take it with you makes it 10 times better It's a rehashing of the old Harvest Moon games, since those haven't been doing the job too well I'm gonna blast through tier three, since there should be a ton of games in this tier And just because I don't mention it, doesn't mean it doesn't deserve the third tier treatment

Also third tier doesn't mean that it's a bad game If it were a bad game I wouldn't be suggesting for you to buy it It's just in order of importance Shovel Knight Treasure Trove is another 2D retro style side scroller I think everybody should play, because I think it's great If you're sick of Minecraft but like a good RPG, then Dragon Quest Builders might be right up your alley

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, hello I'm sorry, sorry Has been brought over form the Wii U, but it's still a phenomenally unique mix of puzzle and adventure and it's only $40 Look, we tried our best to stay away from ports, and we tried our best to stay away from multiplayer games, but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is so good it transcends all that It doesn't make for a phenomenal single player experience, but you should have at least one multiplayer game that anybody can just pick up and play and everybody knows that Mario Kart 8, is that game

And Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Dammit this game (laughter) Fuck Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze This has been a very long winded way of answering the simple question, what game should I get? I hope this has answered that for you I will also leave it in a nice convenient chart, right here on screen, right now Screenshot it for anybody who asks you something like that

Print it out and stick it on your wall Cross off the ones you have, put cute little stickers on it So what do you guys think about this list? Is there anything on here that you haven't played yet but you wanna check out? Is there anything that I should have included? Leave it in the comments below App me on Twitter and all the other social media garbage Like Instagram, we need more followers on Instagram so we can get the whole swipe up to link to other stuff

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