Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another video So in this video guys, I'm gonna show you how to install another build for kodi krypton which works well without any problem if you got a Previous problem with any build just get this build it works Well really great and it has a lot of content a lot of work in kodi add-ons, but first guys Don't forget you subscribe to my channel, right? Here in the social media links and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page and follow me follow me on Twitter and Instagram So that way we're gonna gonna keep in touch all together Don't forget forget also to visit my website for more informations about Cody So right here guys to install this build from one nation portal Cody wizard go right here to Settings as you can see in the top right here press on it and then guys check your system settings if We allowed announcer says press on add-ons Then guys, press yes and allow the announcer says So click back and here guys, press on file manager then guys click on Add source double click on it if you use to install builds, you will get your Sources right here

If you don't you will only find profile directory and add source double click on add source Press none and here guys Copy and paste the address right here to not miss anything as you can see right here HTTP colon forward slash forward slash one nation dot info forward slash ripple forward slash as you can see press ok, and Here guys, you can leave it ripple or you can name it whatever you want Then press ok again and Here guys, press back and hold back again to the homepage here guys go to add-ons as you can see right here, press on errands and Then guys press on Little box right here as you can see and then click on install from zip file and Here guys pressed on the file You name name? Press repo or whatever you want You got a name press on then press on repository one mention So the ripple is gonna be install it and added to your repositories press on install from repository and here guys, you get one nation repo Click on it Then guys you get program add-ons and here guys you get one nation portal So I have it already install it and install it I Will show you how press on it then click on install? So guys you will got the one nation portal Kodi wizard install it press on it and then open it You guys got builds you get maintenance you get build reviews and new tutorials, so press on builds You will get a lot of bills You got ten bills for Cody eighteen or Cody Leia and here guys you got 69 for Cody Krypton So press back and back press down hold down scroll down until you see a bunny Cody build press on the eye bunny build as You can see right here We got two servers So the mouse is moving Sorry you guys press on it And here guys got the fresh install understander installed So the fresh install if you have a previous built already Install it and you got a lot of problems And you got a lot of damage it files

You can get the fresh install to solve all your problems So if your Kodi is new and you don't have anything install it to your kodi So we don't have anything to your Kodi press on standard installed as You can see right here guys, press on the ass install it And Then guys you got the download process going So don't press right here in this empty space while the Download process going or press on cancel if you do that You got to restart from zero restart the download process So just be patient and wait Until everything is done and then it's asked you to first close Cody And here guys you got everything done right without any problem so now first close your kodi and Restart the game to enjoy watching movies and TV shelves and a lot of things so First close Cody if you have a fire stick or Nvidia shield or Android TV box or any other box? just click on force close Cody and Restarted to enjoy this great a bunny Cody will working well without any problem So now I'm gonna review and put the music on for you guys And you're gonna see the build and you're gonna see what is working on it And what is not thanks for watching me don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the social media links and Here guys after installing this great bill you get this amazing homepage So the build it doesn't come with widgets as you can see right here so you can enable widgets by going to system Right here and then click down on system settings You guys click on the main menu then set up the build or set up the ion Knox main menu, press on it and Here guys, you got all the sections Here you got movies Press on it You guys you got down you got do widgets so I got it for arenas You can press on it let's do it for you de section here guys, you get Yoda section as you can see and you don't have any Enabled widgets Let's enable the widgets right here, press on it and Here guys, press select up as wizard select widget Right here, press on add on Then guys press on video at all and here guys choose Yoda itself, press on it and Here guys press on TV shows or movies You can press on anything you want

Click on the most popular or people watching or wherever you want So as you can see right here It's gonna enable the widget and I'm gonna make your cody beautiful and working well without any problem you can do it for movies and Enable arenas or any other Kodi add-on to watch movies from it so here guys, press on use as widget, then press none and Here guys, as you can see, press back back and back one more time You guys got things done So here we got With just on movies and when you go to Yuda, you will got the greatest TV shows So as you can see right here, everything is working Well without any problem You So here guys they wish you enjoyed this great video So don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page Follow me on Twitter and Instagram So that way we're gonna keep in touch together Don't forget also to like my video and share it with your friends or leave me your comment down in the comment section If you got any issue or any problem message me, thanks for watching me and see you tomorrow for another Cody build