Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another great video So in this video guys, I'm gonna show you how to install the equinox kodi bill from the genie wizard You can get it from the genie kodi wizard install it to your Kodi krypton if you have kodi krypton any version 17 in your Amazon fire sick or Nvidia shell or Android TV box or any other device you can get this great bill Install it without any problem so guys first don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram and don't forget to visit my website for more informations about cody that way guys we're gonna keep in touch with the greatest news about Cody and Everything hey guys to install the equinox Cody will go right here to settings click on it Then guys check the system settings if you allowed announced sources from Adams as you can see right here They have it alone

If you have a diesel load click on it and a load bad press yes there guys click on back and Here guys, as you can see click on file manager Then if you use to install builds, you got used sources right here guys If you don't use to install builds You only got add source and profile directory this one and this one right here double click on add source just copy and paste the address click on on first and Copy and add and paste the address from my website to not miss any thing so here guys click OK as you can see right here and you can name it ripple or ripple genie or Anything you want you guys click OK? So press back and hold on back one more time to the home page here guys scroll down to arrows as you can see guys click on add-ons and then press here in this little box in the top and click on install from zip file and Then guys choose your file right here as you can see this one and Click the repository Jenny TV as you can see You got the repo install it to your repositories open it and uh prin again as You can see right here if you got totally crapped on any version 17 You can get this great built in solid and watch movies and TV shows and everything that you were so right here as you can see guys click on program add-ons and Then guys installed the Jenny wizard As you can see right here guys with me You got it installed cheater Tony crime town and then we got this grave I quit Knox County build installed to your device and Watch movies and TV shows without any problem So he'll guys click on dismiss and Here we can select whatever you want to keep and press on continue here guys click on the build menu Gigas dismiss So ignore you guys got six build for Cody craft on you got disciplines agree Cody build as you can see right here and you got Ike we Knoxville version one So get Ike we rocks So if you have a previous build install it to your cody crepes on you got a lot of damn shit files and got a lot of problems while streaming this any Movie or anything do a fresh install? To get everything brand-new you guys the standard install if your cody is new and you don't have anything install it yet to your Cody So I'm gonna do a fresh install to my Cody Press yes So it's gonna clear all my files and replace them by new ones To get everything working Well without any problem And you guys got the download process going So be patient and wait until everything is done right without any problem Then guys forced closed cody and restarted again enjoyed this great cody bill install it to your device So you guys after doing everything right after waiting for the download process done now we got everything installed it to your cody crap-ton and now we have to restart your cody and first close cody and restart it again to enjoy watching movies and TV shells without any Problem as you can see right here guys you get first clothes now force close your cody and restart it to get everything install it and Enjoy watching movies and TV shows for free Don't forget guys to subscribe and share this video and see you in the review process and here guys after installing this great amazing cody bill you got Movies you got this great amazing homepage Here you have movies and down guys You got all the sections as you can see you get maverick movies get 4k and UHD movies right here guys, you got widgets and Up right here guys You got other widgets you got fantastic Kodi Widgets you got people watching right here and here guys get the new movies So guys you can pick any movie if you want to watch it with your friends or family Or anyone you can pick any great movie guys You can pick adventures the infinity war

So you get up the fantastic Kodi add-on is Finding your providers right here It's really a great Kodi bill It has a lot of things to see and to watch you can get Ike the bill or the simplicity Totally will also they are working well without any problem From the Jenny wizard This is really a great bill It works Well, it's stable safe and faster It's running really fast on my box It's a great one You can get it on your Amazon for sick or Nvidia shield or any Android TV box To watch movies and TV shows you got also a free Netflix original Account to watch premium movies and everything on Netflix you can get it available on this Kodi built for free So you guys get the link to watch this great movie on it and your kodi So you guys you can keep running your movie and watch it without any problem as you can see right here guys You got a lot of things here

You can watch it and enjoy it without any problem So here does you get the TV shows in these TV shows you get search you got you da TV shelves You got a lot of things you got catch-up TV if you missed something in the TV You can find it right here in this great amazing Section So here guys, you got TV shows as you can see right here You got all the greatest TV shelves right now and available on Kali So this is a great section I like it You got also in the top right here new TV shelves You can pick anyone to watch it I was watching the the Cobra K and the crab town they are new TV shows They are really great ones You can get them

Hey guys, you got the Cobra key So I got the season one you got too many episodes to watch this great show as you can see cabrakan never dies It's really a great TV show teaching a guy how to be Power full-on how to focus on karate and how to beat his enemies so You guys got the links You can pick any link to watch this great TV show with your friends or family or anyone Just don't pier your device with any streaming link just cancel cancel until you find the working and free link As this one right here So guys you Can't pick another one Also there is a lot of links guys you get a lot of links Stream, I goes you get flash You got a lot of links You can watch this great TV show on too many links Here guys, it's really great one

It's available and it works well without any problem, so As you can see right here You got the Cobra key from the YouTube original series So here guys stop it and back to the home page as you can see and here we got the genie TV as you can see got TV quite and you got it set up set up a TV quite if you want to Where you guys you got ketchup? We got a lot of things for the genie TV the future of internal entertainment You can subscribe or you have a subscription with this great section and to go to your login Staff or your account and watch anything you want, you know gotta get supremacy as you can See, I love this sick section I love this Kodi add-on it has sports a lot of things as you can see you got supremacy sport and Dogs you get a lot of things to enjoy in this supremacy You guys got shoot down and here you got your favorites you can place all your food favorites things right here and here guys got Documentaries in this documentary section guys, you got a lot of things to see and watch right here get discovery dah IV shells you got a lot of things Documentaries you got the darks buttocks right here so You guys you got music as you can see right here Got some music add-ons You can listen to your favorite songs Here got sports In the sports section, you got a lot of things It's really amazing

You guys you got a lot of things Mavericks poor You got a lot of support stuff You can watch it right here So you guys got some kids on you can enjoy your we were real family time with your kids right here and watch This amazing kids animations and enjoy your time with your kids for sure So here guys You got it as you can see So it's really amazing And here guys got add-ons you can See your Kodi add-ons right here and you guys got the system if you want to change anything in this Kodi build or change the fantastic toady add-ons on movies to any add-on you want to You guys you get movies back to the homepage So guys this is the equinox goalie bill Running well and working win without any problem You got it in your Amazon first stick or Nvidia shield or any other device if you have any problem if you face any Problem while then don't move them or install in this bill

Just put it down in the comment section I'm gonna reply you guys I'm here only for your help and for helping you for showing you the best builds reviewing things for you guys What is working on it? What is not? That's my work guys? Thanks for watching me and see you tomorrow for another Kodi bill Don't forget to spread my community shared video like video common Thanks a lot for your support guys I love you all of you and see you tomorrow