Hello everyone, this is kodi best build back with you again with another amazing video So she doing well guys having a great time in your home or school work Doing whatever Drinking your cup of coffee or whatever you're doing So guys don't forget it first to subscribe to my channel and join me in the facebook group and Facebook page and follow me on Twitter and Instagram and visit my website to keep in touch with Cody and all-news about kodi 176 krypton So guys today we're gonna install an amazing kodi build for kodi krypton the mammoth kodi buildl from the wizTech kodi wizard so guys to install the mammoth kodi build to your Device go right here to settings Then guys click on system settings and Here check if you allowed announced sources on add-ons you just allow it once and then you will install whatever you Whatever you want any build or Any kodi add-on, so here guys click on file manager and Then if your kodiis new and you don't have anything installed yet to your kodi You will find right here profile directory and add source double click on add source here click on none and then guys click or Copy and paste the address right here from my website go to my website and just copy The address and put it here So here guys, you can leave it ripple or we can name it whatever you want

Click OK press back back one more time and here guys scroll down to add-ons click on it and Here click on this little box in the top right here Then guys click on install from zip file as you can see right here So click on ripple and click on with tech Wizard plug in program with tech wizard click on it The wizard is gonna be install it to your kodi crap-ton if you have cody Christian 171 or any version of Kodi crap-ton you can get this great build install it to your kodi and enjoy watching movies and TV shows So here guys You got do is tech install it to your program add-ons click on it open it So right here guys got builds You get maintenance you get youtube helper, you get save data you get contacts and settings click on builds You guys got five bills for Cody 18 for Kilauea So and you got a lot of bills for Cody crap chant 24 and 10 for Cody Jarvis, so get the with the with tech wizard updated here guys Go to your Mahmood Kody build as you can see right here click on it Gap man was reborn Kody bill It's really great bill working well without any problem just getting updated and Revealed yesterday by Cody no limits It works on Amazon fire stick or Nvidia shield or any other device? So you guys got the standard install if your Kodi is new and you're you are Cody beginner and you don't have anything Installed a dear to Cody So you get the fresh install if you have a previous build install it to your cody I got a lot of damn shit files and stuff You can do a fresh install and Solve all problems and fix them So here guys Um I don't have anything installed here to my cody

I'm gonna do a standard install Click ES install it So you guys get the download process is going Don't press right here in this empty space or press on cancel if you do that you have to restart from zero So I'm gonna back after the download process is done Then we're gonna review together this great cody build So here guys you got the download process done and now it's installing your files So don't press Right here in this empty space as I told you or present council So to avoid restoring from zero So, hey guys, you got it It's a heavy build To works well for Amazon fire stick or Nvidia shield or Android TV box or PC or Mac or any other? TV box or device that runs Kodi crap down So her Gaza got everything done right without any problem and now force cloves cody and Restarted again to enjoy this great amazing Cody will install it here Holy crap town so the mammoth cody build it works really great and Work Well just updated

I'm getting the newest Kodi add-ons install it So you can watch movies or TV shows or anything better than getting a Netflix account and paid monthly and Without I'm getting bullshit on your account You won't get any new episodes or things on Netflix but Here guys in this bill You can enjoy a lot and watch a lot of things for free without paying anything That's it So first close cody and restart the game to enjoy your life So, hey guys after installing this magical cody build this is a magical cody build really great Amazing and fully charged with a lot of content a lot of things to watch them to see in your Cody Krypton So here guys this build it doesn't support widgets, but I Can show you how to do that? Here guys, you got TV shows as you can see right here in this section You got all the working Kodi add-ons right now and the best one available on Cody? and Here guys, you got live TV, but first let me show you how to enable the widgets on like movies right here on TV shows section So go to system as you can see right here Down and you SEP menu click on scan settings And then guys you got general right here Scroll down to Home menu, as you can see here guys got menu item number one click on Item number two as you can see right here you got TV shows so Submenu set you got TV shelves and here guys the add-on set click on Any one you want TV shows or whatever So here guys the widgets click on TV shows so it's gonna be poster mode Here guys, press back and go back to TV shows as you can see right here So if you want to download Elysium Elysium is useless right now We had better than Elysium So right here guys you got movies as you can see I got the widgets for movies right here as you can see in poster mode and Here when you go to Let's download this Elysium to not get this message popping up a lot of times here guys in TV shows as you can see Elysium is not working anymore It is that is dead and This that pansies is dead So here guys as you can see right here

We got TV shows So you will get your widgets right here go to system screen settings as You can see right here though Put this on Maverick or UK Turks or supremacy? Put it on maverick Oh Here you will got your widgets So wait a couple of minutes to get it right here So guys in movies section You got all the working Kody Add-ons right here as you can see you got it reacts you got covenant you got cypher You got latest movies You got gaya you got at the flicks Genesis free burn incursion flicks net Joshua You got a lot of things and you get the amazing Cody add-on placenta So here guys you got the movies as you can see in the top popping up So you can pick any movie on these great movies to watch your amazing show Click on Jumanji or anyone you want to I did the same thing to get widgets on this great movies section so just follow my instructions to get widgets working with you and Enjoy and enjoy this great build It's really amazing and full of content So I'm glad it's updated and its back with a lot of things because this is magical bill It's really old and We missed that look of build

It looks like the pulse CCM if you remember this great build Hey guys, you got link from covenant I'm covenant and still workin You guys got it working right here without any problem as you can see Jumanji is working right here You can keep watching it or just stop and back and watch another thing You guys got TV shows So it is TV shows section You got all the working Stuff for you you got maverick? So you guys got IPTV extra lot of things So here guys got TV shows got covenant TV So you can enjoy all your TV shows on this great section You guys got live sports So here guys you can watch IPTV on IPTV bonanza if you remember this great Kodi add-on So it's it's a daily updated for you guys as you can see You can get be in France or whatever you want So here guys you got daily IPTV So here pick anyone to get your IPTV working if it's empty Check the other server There are a lot of servers right here a lot of them You can pick any one to get it So as you can see right here you get this one online so I Got a game of Tron's you got a lot of Tanks You got TV shows and movies So hey guys So you got a lot of things right here you got channels So it can serve and test any channel you want to We got this server online So you can pick another server There is a lot of service right here

All of them are great and working one Well, I Tested so many of them So guys you got this one, but I think it's offline You'll get offline So, yeah, it's offline It's up to you you will serve all of this until you find a working one and Get it and enjoy it with your friends or by yourself or whatever Oh Here guys, let's back to the homepage here you got also Maverick IPTV the same thing you got daily updated And you guys got sports? You can watch all your sport event right here and don't meet doc you won't miss any sport event in this great section You guys got music Here we can listen to off to all the greatest music right here as you can see you got mp3 streams You got top albums here We got the music for free You won't pay anything to download the music right here So we got down Fault, you got electro pop or whatever So you get Michael Jackson? You can play this great song Or listen to your great music and enjoy your time as you can see right here it works Well can listen to Michael Jackson Whatever you want And you guys got kids as you can see you got Kids Corner right here You can enjoy your time with your kids and Watch all the best shows for kids You guys got maverick as you can see right here

We got all the greatest section for maverick You got 4k UHD movies and you got the commentary is you got a lot of things here guys You can pick documentaries and watch your documentaries so you got alien I Love the aliens aliens TV shows and the Commentaries about aliens I wish one day that some aliens come to the earth Hey guys got a lot of things So you can pick any one to watch it and enjoy it You guys got supremacy as you can see right here We got supremacy You got all the sections sports TV shells live TV the commentaries and kids movies Enjoy them You guys got ion As you can see right here

He got also movies and TV shows on sports and anything on this great Kody Otto Sorry guys got top pick pick So we got plus entire you got a lot of things and here you got fights So you can watch the boxing or MMA Whatever whatever you want you got because you got also karate right here and you guys got programs and Here we got system you can get your system infos or anything or skin settings to modify anything on this great build and Here guys got movies So guys this is the mammoth cody bill or the mammoth Reborn cody build for toady crap top if you got any question about this great build put it down in the comment section I'm gonna reply you to the right solution or help jumps up in the video guys and share it with your friends and I wish you doing well and this great week and Happy week for everyone and see you tomorrow for another cody build



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