DSiWare Hacking/Ripping Tutorial! [V 1.0]

Hello everyone! Many people had already heard it, or may have already heard it The DSi shop is shutting doors by 2017

The decent lineup of downloadable games will be out of reachforever But, we can't allow that, can we? After all, it's Nintendo we're talking about! We want some of those rare, precious resources, and we want them now! The precious DSi exclusive content has been left encrypted in a somewhat dazzling format: a classic binary file, that could only have been read from the console it was been downloaded from, making decryption a pain

To gather a key is such as extensive and expensive feat But a good community with a great experience never gives up, no matter how long it may take! In 2014, the DSi SRL Extractor came up, a tool that miraculously decrypts the DSiWare into readable roms! As impossible it may sound right now, we can't afford to question such miracle, but use it instead! Here's where I come in, I'll tell you how to do it as easy as possible

ARE YOU READY? The tools that you need is: a Nintendo DSiWare that came from a DSi, NOT A 3DS, the DSi SRL Extractor, the star of the tutorial, Tinke, for game ''icon'' and other types of exploration and research, VGM Trans for music extraction, and Mario Kart DS Course Modifier or Every File Explorer for 3D model view and other downloads (LINKS IN DESCRIPTION) Here are the steps: (1) First, get a Nintendo DSiWare ready in your computer This may be done through two methods: (a) Get an SD card on your DSi, go to ''System Settings''> ''Data Management'' Here, you can select any DSiWare of your choice that can be transferred Select it, and click ''Copy''

The game is now on your SD card! But, sounds easier than it is Get the SD card in the PC and localize the DSiWare within using the specified path: SD card>private>title>?bin Here are your DSiWare! But, they look funny, don't they? They are encrypted, protected from prying eyes into their game title code

Get ready for the next step! (b) Oh, and so, for the people that don't have a DSiGet the DSiWare from the Internet You have a favorite? If so, go for it, and search it

Chances are, if you already found the decrypted ones, then you are ready for step 3 , if not, just go to step 2 (2) The long-awaited part! Get the DSi SRL unzipped anywhere you want, drag the encrypted DSiWare into the softwareand voila! The program just decrypts your file, and is now sitting beside the encrypted one with its real title

And has an nds rom format Perfect! Now, doesn't that feel great? (3) With a Nintendo DSi file at hand you can do anything you do when you rip a Nintendo DS rom For starters, we can open it with Tinke, a Spanish software that can not only analyze a Nintendo DS file, but can also research its compatibility with the program and can also be used in many other tasks, such as unpacking unzipping, viewing files and many more Once we have Tinke running we can just select the file from our location, that is, the decrypted file

Then it just loads and we already got all we need in our hands Here is the game information, that already tells the game's title in the languages it was supposed to be: Japanese, English Spanish, German, and we can even have the DSi's manner that it's also viewable in the Nintendo DSi

We can save it as we want it *keyboard rave* There we go! Aaand save And that's how you saved the banner for your own purposes

The banner is NOT ANIMATED I don't know how to do it As I said before, Tinke tells you how much of the game files can be recognized A seventy-three percent is a pretty good amount Now , for the main things that you need to consider: here on the root file we may have many types of files that may differ from a rom to other

In many cases, you may recognize many files as you did before Examples are here: we have txt files that are just text file Looks like it shows some scripts that tells you of the games data: if the data is corrupted if it's saving

these are more likely the developer's, that informs the people We can unpack these files only on different occasions If they are unpackable well

Though luck But in many occasions, you may already find what you want For example, if you want the game's music, you can just use the SDAT file

sdat file It also has the sound database that the game contains Inside the game's sdat files we'll find the menu theme and many other themes, as well as sound effects But what we are looking for are these: SWAR

We just have to unpack them and we already got all the instruments that may have a song In other occasions, depending of how is programmed that sound, it may not be available here at first, but who knows? As long as we find what we want, we are gravy we can save the wav and hear it for later Let's try to test it out right now

Once you've got the files you want, you can just extract them and put them everywhere you want I won't be the judge of what you want Second, if you want to hear the game's music files in a very detailed manner VGM Trans, as i said before, is your friend VGM Trans can view the game's audio as it was supposed to be Well, not one hundred percent of the cases will work

We just search for the rom, wherever it is, and there we go! Once the files are open, we can just view here the seq file, the sequence file It contains the instruments organized as they should be in-game The sequence, the audio bank, and the set of instruments Sometimes they may be just samples

Let's see how they sound Now, isn't that some sweet bass? But also, we want to hear something else Once we get the desired music file, right click>save as MIDI instrument file and DLS (downloadable sound) or, if you want, sound font 2 (for Caustic 3,etc) If you want high fidelity as it should be in-game, which will work most of the time,I recommend you use MIDI and DLS, choose the file you want to save them, and there you go It's all good

Let's see what we've got Now of course, this is the file with the instruments as they are arranged but the file that contains the instruments and how they are arranged, the instrument sound style, that is, it's this: the dls both of these will be open with FL, Fruity Loops Studio, you can search it up as you want

And there, you may arrange them as they were and save them as they sound exactly in gameplay Now, of course FL Studio comes with a price tag, so, watch out! Let's call upon Tinke once again This time, we're going to see the Nintendo DSi Browser Many will tell me that this is not a game, but just a program

But who cares? It's made by Nintendo, and it has something good inside, isn't it? ''Recognized files'' are 62% Keep in mind that even if not everything in this rom can be recognized, you cannot underestimate the power of Tinke because it can recognize some of the sprites and the sounds and even models, but the models are just rare occasions, it's still recommended that you use MKDS course modifier for that Now, here we have a lucky shot As you can see, we have PNG photos that can just be viewed with the Windows Photo Viewer, or any other type of photo visualization program Here we have some of the command files

If you want something to extract from here just click ''Extract' There is the filename and save The rest is up to you Because we already have what we want Now, we can also have some animations from some pictures, because those are ''sprites'' for you

Can be viewed with anything Some will have just a transparent border, some will not From here on you can use them for your animations, sprite sheets whatever Some can be seen, some cannot be seen Let's try another one and see what we can get

an interesting arrangement of fonts and spritesas you can see here, these are the font that come with the game

This is ''6 in1 Dictionary'', which has a long variety of sprites isn't that amazing? And yes, you can look at them in width and height and modify the font for the game Now, if you ask me how to put them back into a DSi format, I'm sorry, I cannot answer you to that question

At least, for the moment Of course, you can also see the palettes or some option, but that's up to you: where you want to go, and how long you want to go with it (3D MODEL) Now as I said before, everything can be done a little bit better with Tinke, unlike other files But when it comes to 3D What we have here, is ''3D Twist & Match'', and as expected, the game has 3D models Last, but not least, we can use MKDS Course Modifier or Every File Explorer This is where they come into place! It may look deceptive, like, ''how this game does have 3d objects?'' Well lemme tell you, the world is full of surprises

If you see in the ''model'' section, these leaves That means, these are 3D models, we just have to check them out, and see what we can get Hm, not so much, eh? Now, with the ''scroll wheel'' of the mouse we just SILDE THE MOUSE WHEEL UPWARDS, not down, because it will zoom in, and that is a major disadvantage

Zoom out with the dragging and up of the mouse, and here we go Now with the arrow keys, we can rotate the object into a more beautiful positionIisn't that nice? We've got a bucket of sand! Now, that doesn't feel salty And the best part, we can just export the model as an obj, wavefront, object, whatever we just type the name in, And the best part, textures

Textures come along with the model, we can just select the format: PNG, TIFF or TGA (TrueVision) one of the best formats for 3D models But, i just want to stick it easy I mean just look at this model! We just click ''ok'' and we can view them with either 3DS Max, Maya or even Blender But there's just one problem Some may be viewable, some not

I'm not responsible for that, if that happens It's just one of the model's many consequences That is all for today! I hope you may have learned some valuable information But of course, before closing in this tutorial, I want you to hear, a beautiful music Repair and Synchronization by Easy Subtitles Synchronizer 1