Download Raft PC + Full Game for Free [CRACKED][MULTIPLAYER]

Hey guys, I'm here again for another tutorial and today I have a very special tutorial for you guys I'm going to teach how you can download raft One of the best games right now cards and it's actually very easy to crack it and play multiplayer with your friends or runner Or a random people if whatever you want guys So you download the game to get the full game? You guys need to get this file called? Raft downloader and you will get the full game with rock So to get this far we guys are going to open your browser and you are going to write here crack two games Open the page now you are going to search for it If you guys don't manage to find it Does that mean to me? Oh, it's right here how I not see you guys can go here on the search bar and right rough so It's here guys Click on this page Raft download free pc plus crack We are going to open it and the first thing guys are going to do after open This page is check the requirements cuz it's very important

It's not very heavy game in my opinion, but you Can face some problems with the game if you don't have a good computer or if you if you want to play it Anyway, I recommend you find some PC optimization tips on internet So you guys can play the game more smoothly so Let's continue guys So after you guys check the rig mark good requirements guys are going here to the top page and click download raft I already have it cause as you guys can see you will download the zip file and you will extract it and Put X here on the desktop So open it now You are going to try to crack against the stages needs to be on online Otherwise if it softens because they are doing applets or because the crack does not work anymore and here it must be on lower case click Next Uniting guys So here is a bad guys the game will be stalled here I'll probably leave the default pair I'm not sure I Will probably change D because I like this all games on deep with you guys and I leave the default better change Whatever you want I will leave simple like this guys You know you guys click Next Connecting guys, I'm not sure about the size of this game exactly But I can see you after but my internet is very slow

And this will take hovers around for me probably House, you guys can see it very slow So I'm going to coming back after this finish guys So with the file, so the size of the video don't get – hi guys, so see ya So guys I'm back as you can see rough download an installation Finished a shortcut should be on your desktop to start playing the game Thanks and feed our website from our games So house guys can see dominoes only solution is finished college guys, just to run the game through this this shortcut I can show the game right now because I'm using Camtasia come to Z cannot record full screen games I need to get fraps or panicum and I will put the game down the channel afters and shirt guys So let's check if it's install on the right path Because I don't know so here guys is there is a shortcut here is the raft and let's check if the Fits everything right guys So Kazaam because guys can see raft download and installation Finished a shortcut should be on your desktop start And again, thanks and visit our website for more games So, how's it going to see the raft is installed guys? I can't show the game right now because I'm using compass again because II cannot record full screen games I need to get fraps or panicum guys show you a gameplay Let's check if it's install on the right path values I can promise you that is working everything updates Everything is working fine and guys here guys It's installed and everything is working as I said you guys can face a little like on multiplayer Some lag spikes because of the crack itself not because of the game But there is going to be fixed this week

If everything goes right by what they said guys Let's keep waiting for the best and hopefully you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I hope to see a next sort of bias