Hey what's going on everybody today? I'm bringing you guys the best budget For night gaming PC for around a four hundred dollars give or take of course because this price is set to fluctuate This is for the month of July 2018 so let's get right into it The first thing I picked was the CPU well, it's actually an APU technically but It doesn't matter because you could still have it with a graphics card

So this is the AMD Rison 3 it's a new rising series and these CPUs are Really popular right now for the price point it's a good price and offers a lot of performance This is the 2200 G and This one comes with onboard graphics, obviously because it's an APU, but that doesn't matter We don't really need to focus on it because we have a GPU with us this time So this thing's gonna offer you four cords Obviously, it's a quad core processor at three point seven cable Hertz each and this is great for 1080p gaming it runs everything So next we have the Motherboard it's a gigabyte motherboard It's a micro ATX motherboard obviously to fit everything and fit it into the case It's got two RAM slots It's pretty basic

So it's it's decent for overclocking too It's only $50 that that's the Best point of this thing So next we have the RAM It's the gskill ripjaws avi the eight gigabyte one stick I put only one stick normally that's what I do because I like to have the Ability to upgrade later if I wanted to let's say if I want to upgrade to 16 gigabytes later I could just buy one more 8 gigabyte stick and throw it and makes it much easier its ddr4 2400 megahertz, so it's pretty quick for the speeds next for the graphics card I went with the GTX 1050 This is the regular 1050 but it's got 2 gigabytes of vram on it and it's got a cheap Gddr5 vram, so it's brand-new and this thing is decent for the price right now

It's on Amazon for about 130 dollars so the price really dropped on these things they used to be a little bit more offensive, but it's the whole craze for the Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency scene has been going down The garbage trucks have been slowly getting cheaper, which I think is really good for the normal gamers You know to get GPUs next I have the power supply I just went out with a EBG a power supply I'm always reliable It's a 450 watt 80 plus Braun certified So for the price you can't complain about $28 right now and it's got a little sale So after the show, it's gonna be like $35 which still fits in the budget and last but not least I have the case I chose the Deep cool case this is the red one

It's a ATX mid tower So you've got a bunch of room to mess around in there and fit a bunch of stuff in there So your micro ATX motherboard will fit perfectly in here And this part I always say it's very customizable Because it's just your own taste as long as you stay and you know, the 30 to 35 dollar range You'll be fine You should just look for what you want because the case is it doesn't make any FPS different the case is all up to you so some benchmark for this PC for nine Obviously what most of you guys came here for running 1920 by 1080? So 1080p at epic view distance Everything else left on high You should be averaging around 60 Plus FPS more more to the 70s around there and if are you I would turn down the settings to low if you still want to play 1080p Because most streamers these days play low anyway because it helps with input like So I would turn everything down on low and I would still play 1080p if you really want to or you can pump down in 720p if you're playing 720p all those settings you should be getting at least 130 hundred 40 FPS easily So, yeah, it's not a big deal there It'll run for night like a breeze and also other popular games like pub G it also run that fairly decently on all high settings 1920 by 1080 P around an average of 60 fps so again If you if I were you I would bump down the settings a little bit to get a little bit more playable on me 60 FPS is more than playable, but it just get a little bit more edge out of it I'd bump it down a little bit So I hope you guys enjoyed the video please drop a like please subscribe and Let me know what type of other videos you want next other price points or other types of videos So yeah, let me know

I'll see you guys on the next one