Hello, my beautiful people this is kodi best build, back with You, again, with another amazing Video so in this video guys i'm gonna show You, how to install a great bill for kodi 17

6 build krypton for amazon, fire sick or nvidia shield or android tv box Or any other device But first guys, don't forget for sure to subscribe to my channel and join me in the facebook group And facebook page and follow, me on twitter and instagram and visit my website That way you're gonna keep in touch with kodi builds, and with all great builds for kodi krypton so that is to install this, majestick kodi build from the ezzermans kodi wizard, by the new, dude 167 is Really, a great guy, doing a great work if you, want to subscribe to his channel for sure So, guys just all the majestick kodi build updated for kodi krypton, go right here to settings then guys, click on system settings and then add-ons, and see if you allowed and now sources just allow it you will, allow it only once click yes and Press back here guys click on file manager as you can, see right here and then click on add source double click on it and here click on and copy, and paste the address right here guys so as you can see The other, man's wizard it's going to be installed to cody you can leave it ripple or name it whatever you Want it's up to you as i wish you doing, well and happy sunday for everyone Back here you guys as you can see click on add ons? Then click on this little, box right here in the top and Click on install from zip file so Guys, click on repo and then click on repository right here it's, gonna be install it to your repository Hello, guys! you got the ripple install it to your repositories click on it click on and start from a repositories and then guys, click on This, repo there is an immense repo click on it go to program add-ons, and Then guys installed a thurman's wizard, so if you have it already i have it already i'm gonna install it and install it back click on it then click on install So guys, you got the other man's kodi, wizard install it to your kodi crap town, and Open it to Enjoy installing The magista kodi build it has a lot of kodi builds open it as you can see right here guys You, will get builds maintenance if data contacts and settings click on builds the other man wizard is really great and having a lot of things you got to build for cody 18 for cody, leia and You got 53 kodi builds for cody Crap channel it's a huge number it's really great you can go the floor got a lot of things you, guys You got the name area this is a really great bill, also and the metro bill And here guys scroll down to the majestic cody build as you can see right here Version 16 Biden new dude 167 so you guys click on majestic You will get the fresh install and the standard install the fresh install as you can see if you have a Previous build install it to your kodi crapped on and you have a lot of problems running Any movie or you, gotta check The lot for more informations or anything you guys click On fresh install to renew all your files the stunts are installed guys if you don't have anything installed here to cody, and click on it to get This great build install it to your kodi and make your box really great and amazing click on sundar install and then guys click, yes install it As you can see right here yes install and The, majestic kody build is gonna be installed to your cody, crab top as you can see the download process is going So, don't press right here in this cancel or press in this Empty space if you, do that you have to restart from zero so just become and be patient until the whole process is done? then Run, this great build to your box So here guys, you got the download process done and now it's installing your files to your, device as I told you, don't press right here in this empty space of press and cancel if you, do that you will start from Zero you will restart the download process from zero and To, avoid, this just be patient until everything is done right and it's asked You to first close cody and restart it again to enjoy, this, majestic cody will install it to your cody Crap-ton on amazon for sick or nvidia shield or any other device Device this is one of the best builds for cody, krypton it's really amazing working, well without any problem and Here guys got everything done right without Any, problem so now first close your cody To, enjoy watching movies and tv shows on this, majestic cody built, by the new, dude it's really amazing One working, well without, any problem if you got any, any, issue with This, great bill or any problem installed in this bill just put your dow your comment in the comment, section i'm gonna reply you guys with the right solution so restart cody, and Enjoy, watching movies and tv shows tv shows on majestic cody bill So guys, after installing this great amazing cody bill you will got this great homepage Here you got tv shows six section as you can see you got all the working county add-ons Right here he got plus in tasha pie projects i fear andy said and yoda? You got all the most amazing cody, adams Here guys, you got the widgets as you can see you got all the trending and not the most popular Tv Shows right now on Placenta as you can see? Got game of thrones you got the rain You got the handmaid's tale We got grey's anatomy, and he'll got the copper okay this is my favorite show i'm watching this one is really great there's only the season one i'm in the episode line as you can see this one This is really a great one it's amazing i? Should, suggest You guys to watch this tv show is really great one you can? Enjoy watching it So you guys got the links as you can See right here so be patient until you until bluff placenta is finding links for you To, watch this great tv show if you have a faster internet for sure you will get this great or this Method you get it fast as me i have a lower Internet so i should wait Until it's done So here guys as you can see you get the links you get flick sanity So pick any link to watch this great episode with your friends and family or anyone Brother sister or wife or any member of your family or friends and enjoyed this great show It's bye youtube red it's really amazing one it works really, well Without, any problem so guys, as you can, see right here it works, well you can, keep watching on it The cobra k it's really a great show You, guys got the rest of tv shows, who got 13 reasons, why's, why, you got arrow

Got loose, affair i'm here you got Back to movies you got movies section and the smallville section guys got all the work encoding add-ons You got a lot of things a lot of kodi add-ons Right here as you can see so Got a lot of things you guys got movies as you can see it's Popping up here to widgets got black puncher You got avengers infinity war a Quite place you got a lot of things right here rates great sparrow greatest showmen life of bari i feel pretty We got a lot of things right here got revenge you got spider-man homecoming You got a lot of Movies here you can, pick anyone to watch it you can, pick black puncher or you can Pick anyone, to get it wait until placenta is giving you all the links and then choose in a link to, watch this black panther movie and your kodi device So here goes as you can see you got a lot of link's you got better think right here you got pick sanity So you can, pick anyone to watch the black panther So hey, guys, you get the rest of movies Enjoy, watching any movie you want Hey, guys got sports in the sports section guys got a lot of things you can watch Any sport event right here if you missed any sport event just come across right here to watch it on the Highlights your guys got whistling on demand you got planet mma you got sub-zero you got a lot of sport Events or sport add-ons Right here you guys got kids section this section is really great and amazing you can Enjoy, it with your family and friends and kids you got this error of rising tides It's not a Big deal hey guys, you got kids they're, good kids on you got a lot of things right here you can Enjoy, watching your kids Animations and cartoons right here you get the smurfs they got a lot of Kids animations Right here so you can watch it and enjoy it with your kids and family Here guys, you got the commentaries you got this great section of documentaries right here you got a Lot of things you got football documentary as you get Ocean you got alim old scars war whatever Just come across right here and watch your two commentaries on this great section You, guys, you got live tv or iptv Here you got this great Iptv list right here so you got a lot of lists so, we can pick any one and enjoy it so you got m3u lists as you can see They got auto iptv right here you get fluxus iptv This fluxus is really great it works, well Without any problem So you guys, you got a lot of ip tv stuff And here you got you got favorites section you got all the greatest Scurry, add-ons in this great favorites section it's really amazing it has all the working kodi add-ons in these favorites here guys You got power as you can see you can reboot or suspend your kodi You, guys, you got all apps as you can, see right here, we got music apps video add-ons And any add-ons right here and you guys got system if you Want to change something in this great bill or do whatever so guys Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the facebook group And page for more informations about cody if you enjoyed this great video Share it with your friends and family and jumps up and leave me your comment for sure Thanks for watching, me and see you tomorrow for another kodi build



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