Hello guys, this is kodi best build back with you again with another great video so in this video guys, I'm gonna show you how to install an amazing kodi build from the stream digital tody wizard, but first guys Don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page on follow me on Twitter and Instagram Don't forget also to visit my website for more informations about kodi if you meet you if you missed anything On my channel check the previous videos guys So here guys today We're gonna install the dufflight kodi build It's a great cody build working on kodi krypton on any version 17 if you have Amazon first Sikh or Nvidia shell or Android TV box You can run this great build and enjoy watching movies and TV shows This build is is really light it doesn't require a bigger space to be install it and you have to Get it If you don't have a big space in your device You get this great bill install it and watch movies and TV shows for free So guys to install the def light cody bill from the stream this digital cody wizard go right here to settings and then guys Check the system settings if you allow the now sources click on add-ons and then guys aloud Announcer says right here and press

Yes Then guys press back as you can see right here then click on file manager and Here guys, if you don't use to install builds and your Kodi is new and you don't have anything installed yet You will get profile directory and add source That means your Kodi is brand new So if you use to install builds, you will get your sources list right here guys So double click on add source then click none and Copy and paste the address right here copies from my website and paste it right here to not miss any word just and then press ok you Guys, you can leave it with or you can name it whatever you want press ok Then press back back one more time to the home page and then guys scroll down to add-ons click on it and Then click in this little box right here in the top Here guys click on install from zip file Then click on wizard Click on plug in program stream digital wizard As you can see the wizard is gonna be install it to your kodi crap-ton guys And then you will enjoy watching movies and TV shows without any problem here guys You got the stream digital install it to your kodi open it So you guys got builds maintenance save data contact and settings click on builds And Here guys, you got the Duff X build for Cody 18 you can get it if you want to if you watching me from Xbox one and you have Cody laya install it or any other device and you have cody Linea and you're in your device get this great bill install it so Here guys, we're gonna install this one as you can see right here The duff light there is two servers server one and server two You can pick any server you want Oh You guys click on it It's really amazing build running fast easy without any problem easy peasy As you can see so guys right here You got the fresh install if you if you got any bill already install it and you have a lot of problems and streaming Problems you can do a French install But if your Kodi is new and you don't have anything install it dear to you Cody do a standard install click on it And Then guys click on yes, install it and click on

Yes install this bill and Then you will get the download process going as you can see right here guys, you get the download process going I'm gonna back after the download process done Then we're gonna review together this great amazing Kodi build and Here guys after installing and doing everything right on this great build You will got this amazing home page Hey guys, you got music section as you can see here We got all ladies Music right here You can pick any song you want to watch it and then you will get it There is a lot of things guys can pick here you get all the latest hits available right now and You guys you get movies as you can see in this great section

You got all the working movies right now As you can see you got Tom Greider you got black puncher You got a lot of movies and Here down You got the working kodi Addons You get all the best ones you get incursion You got la cinta and Yoda maverick and the magic dragon? So here guys In this great section of movies you got right here the Widgets, you can pick any movie to watch it This is really like some apple

I feel it like Apple things Apple Apple skin It's really great It's smooth and I feel it fast working better So here guys as you can see you get the links You can pick anyone to watch this great amazing movie in your device So here guys, you can pick any link to watch it as you can See you got the Black Panther working from the incursion Kodi add-on You can still watching it or stop it on back and serve the rest of movies guys If you have a faster internet, you will wait that long you will you got the movie in? few seconds, so Hey guys, you got it working as you can see right here You can stay on the movie watching it or just bad For you guys It doesn't support the mouse but you can move your mouse if you want to you guys got TV shows and TV shows section you got also the greatest TV shows available right now You got a lot of things right here We got Rick and Marty you got you girl You got a lot of enjoyable TV shows and here we got copper

Okay, you got thirteen reason why? You got game of trials so you can pick any TV show and watch it with your friends or family or anyone so you guys as you can see you get the seasons season 1 to 2007 So all of them are working well without any problem You guys get the Dragonstone? So you can pick any Episode to watch it So if you enjoyed this Kodi build guys don't forget to subscribe to my channel and join me in the Facebook group and Facebook page and share the video with your friends and Thumbs up in the video That's very important for me I leave me your comment That means if you love the video put it Down in the comment section if you dislike the video or whatever you want do you feel put it in the comment section be honest and write your opinion So here guys got the links as you can see you can pick any link to watch this great TV show So today is Tuesday, I wish you enjoy your time with your family for sure or kids or if you are at work or in your Sport or doing whatever and you'll watch it Cody bass bill I wish you the best guys So you guys you get this amazing episode right here from the game of Trance You can't keep watching it on it for sure and enjoy So you guys got kids corner? So here we can enjoy your family time with your kids and run your amazing Kids animations then enjoy your time with your kids and see this great movies right here So guys here we got sports in the sports section guys

You got the kickoff You got live sports the American sports You got a five-night pay-per-view events here guys You got the Russia World Cup 2018 you can watch the World Cup right here guys without any problem You got the FIFA World Cup 2018 and you can watch it for free You guys got ice stream Got sport Channel the server won and server 2 So here enjoy this great section if you wish to So here guys got some TNT and media As you can see here guys guys pour you got UK channels and US channels So here we got the CNN you got Disney you got History Channel So you can enjoy some great channels right here and watch them without any problem so They are all working without any problem here We got the TLC as you can see also get the CNN You got also You got also UK channel you got also sports channel and Sky Sports So this is really for free in this great build So here guys you got stream digital with So guys in the stream digital wizard you can Update the flight Automatically or just open the stream digital and update it from it and then guys you got Favourites as you can see here You can place all your favorite things on this section can add movies or whatever? to favorites and go Directly to it you guys got settings you can customize this bill and doing everything you want to Keep your charts in this bill you Guys got power if you want to shut down or Reboot or restart? This grey built or restart Cody You guys got music is the first section So this is the Duff light 2d build guys Reviewed for you in your hours of are sick or Nvidia shield or any other device If you have time to get this bill get it enjoy it Have fun if you got any problem and you face any problem put it down in the comment section I'm gonna replay you guys Thanks for watching me and see you tomorrow for another code am so sorry guys forgot to cut this part its not been recorded thanks a lot guys for your time kodi best build wish you the best am so happy to have such a great and amazinf subscribers like you guys thanks for the time and support cheers β™₯ share love and respect