Прокачиваем PlayStation 4 Pro!

Many, still do not know what to choose PlayStation or Xbox? Considering how many models still appeared PlayStation: usual, slim, pro

Xbox: One One S Now there is One X But it's worth admitting that the Xbox community in Russia is quite small compared to PSN players But Xbox had exclusive games, and an exclusive mode – Legends of FIFA, But E3 passed And that's all

FIFA 2018, legends, which are now called idols Have appeared for all platforms But, as for the exclusives, let's count For the Xbox there will be a really cool Forza 7, State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 and PUBG, which is already on the PC

And what about the PlayStation? Exclusive: God of War, Detroit: Become Human, Spider Man, Uncharted (The Lost Legacy), Days Gone But also The Last of Us Part II, which was not on E3 But this is the exclusive, for which, many will run for the console in the store In general, now this dispute is resolved PlayStation 4 in Russia is the best choice Although, I do not call for this And after such a precondition, we will talk about the Japanese console In the Pro version of PS4, Sony added support: HDR, 4K resolution and slightly increased system speed But this is not enough for us

And we decided to go further Unfortunately, or fortunately RAM with a processor in the PlayStation not to touch The only thing we can do for Sony is to replace the hard drive To speed up the system and load it In addition, the game now weighs a little, and therefore, and more memory is needed And that To combine both speed and volume, we take the most tested version among fans of PlayStation Hybrid drive from Seagate FireCuba

Model: ST2000LX001 This is a hybrid HDD and SSD 2 Tb HDD and 8gb SSD cache Interface: SATA 3 (6 Gb / s), the claimed speed is 600 MB / s The disc itself has a form factor of 25 inches, its thickness is only 7 mm And one more thing The disc has a rotation speed of 5400 rpm (revolution per minute) You can, of course, put 7200 and it will be even better But the point is, in the created noise

Want a buzzing box, then take the 7200 rmp disk Go! Our PlayStation 4 Pro has a 1 Tb disk from Toshiba And in fact, only 788 Gb available In the settings for this you can see Open the case In the Pro version, you need to remove the stub to do this Here we are only interested in one screw that holds the disk Unscrew it We take out

From the slide we unscrew the screws on which the old winchester is kept Change to Seagate Disk And we collect everything in the reverse order Usual PS4 or slim, understand differently But there is nothing complicated In order to restore the system You need to download to a pre-prepared flash drive, an update file for officially purchased in Russia consoles Or a complete system file for gray devices Actually, PlayStation include, connect via USB gamepad And we insert a flash drive, and we re-install the system By the way, through the settings in advance you can save to another USB-drive all files and save Although, now all this is in the cloud Not the most important part Well? Let's find out what's changed? Firstly, it's starting the system, instead of 21 seconds, now only 9 seconds Yes The download speed has decreased more than twice Next

Check whether everything is OK In the settings, see that the memory is now 2 Tb? Excellent, 175 Tb shows We go further Let's start a couple of games For example, GTA 5 Very heavy resource-intensive game On the old disk, it ran for 2 minutes With a new disc, this result is 1 minute and 22 seconds The difference is 40 seconds, which is 30% faster The second game, Battlefield The original plot, on the old disk, was loaded to the end of the movie clip With the new disc, in the middle of the video, you can click "Skip" That is, download Seagate for 20 seconds too fast As for Doom and The Witcher That, the first began to load only 2 seconds faster, and The Witcher 2-5 seconds That is, specifically for these games, the replacement of the disk did not affect But in general, it is felt that the system itself began to work a little faster Enabling applications, connecting to a server, etc What can you say about this? Replacing the drive in the PlayStation is the right thing and the right thing But only in the event that you need more space And it is really important for you that everything starts faster What's interesting, despite the fact that the PS4 Pro has almost the same hardware as conventional or slim But it works anyway slightly faster, so that the replacement of the disk is relevant, but only for older models So which PlayStation to take? Need 4K, HDR? -Berome PS4 Pro

No? – Take the slim The maximum profit (on money) will be if you buy slim and buy a hybrid disk in citilink, for example, this costs 28 thousand rubles A HDD from Seagate 6900 rubles Total is slightly less than 35 thousand rubles Here, actually, and the whole experience, the pump PS4 Small music PlayStation Pro with a Seagate disc