История Противостояний Компаний – Xbox vs Sony Playstation [Microsoft Vs Sony]

The competition between Sony and Microsoft, has been going on for quite a while a long period of time, and why not find out as these 2 giants came to the console market In the console business, Sony led Nintendo

It so happened that Sony developed a sound chip for SNES Nintendo was pleased with the cooperation and asked to Sony with a new order: to develop a CD-extension for SNES Like Sega's Mega-CD, only better Sony took up a project called Play Station Meanwhile, President Nintendo re-read the contract and saw: that the securities of the right to all products for This CD-expansion should have belonged to Sony

As a result, the scandal, the breaking of the contract and judicial litigation And in Sony, spitting on everything, decided to do console business yourself On the basis of the former project for Nintendo development began a full-fledged console – Sony PlayStation – a space between words removed to better remembered According to the idea of ​​Sony, the console had to read the game as a CD, and with SNES cartridges However, the development dragged on for another two years, and SNES to that the moment is hopelessly outdated

By 1991, Sony had already been ready to launch the first option But due to the rights and licensing of Nintendo in court and obtained a ban Shock all legal issues only By the end of 1992: Sony had the right to implement support SNES games, Nintendo received part of the profits, and SNES used sound chip Sony Nevertheless, Sony realized that SNES is becoming obsolete and it's time to do something radically new In early 1993, Sony began to develop absolutely new console Sony removed from the almost finished console a slot for cartridges, launched an aggressive advertising campaign and started prepare to launch

The first PlayStation was far from the first console of the fifth generation: competitors in the face of 3DO, Sega Saturn and Atari Jaguar already sold heavily, only here they did not offer quite what the players wanted And then among all this bacchanalia appears the first PlayStation Sony simply took into account all the mistakes of competitors: the console was inexpensive, it was powerful enough, possessed an understandable architecture for developers and offered an excellent starting selection of games The company properly studied the market and came to a logical conclusion – people do not want to listen on the game console music, do not want to watch movies on it, on the game prefix people want to just play! Sony lured (or even bought at all) many eminent developers, who provided the console high-quality game line At the same time, normal quality control was organized, not allowing the emergence of very eerie things

As a result, with the release of the first PlayStation all other consumer goods was forgotten by the players as a terrible dream, and to its limited multimedia possibilities to anybody also was not The first PlayStation went on sale on December 3, 1994 in Japan, and in the USA on September 9, 1995 and September 29 in Europe By the beginning of world sales there was already decent the number of games, including those from Sony and Namco Doom, Twisted Metal, Ridge Racer and so on were available As carriers, CDs were used, and for preservation memory card, now it was not necessary to write to a piece of code on certain checkpoints so that later start from the right place

Memory cards were also used in PS2 The price was $ 300 dollars The console quickly gained popularity In just 11 years of production, more than 100 million consoles, in the period from 1998 to 2006-s was the most sold in the world And In 2000 there was a more radical update: PSone, which was significantly smaller and lighter

And In 1999, Sony announced the development of PlayStation 2, the sale in Japan began on March 4, 2000, the rest of the world saw prefix in the autumn of the same year It became the fastest-selling and most popular game console in history In the third quarter of 2011, almost 155 million copies, and the most sold console became in 2006 PS2 already supported CD and DVD and was backward compatible with PlayStation games By this time Sony had competitors in the form of Xbox and Nintendo GameCube

Against the background of how Sony overthrew Nintendo and put on the verge ruining the mighty once Sega in the struggle of consoles the previous generation, Bill's intentions were insane The popularity of Playstation was so high that in success of the second Pleistation no one even doubted However, on the side of Microsoft was a very serious trump card in the form of huge financial resources that were collected invest in the promotion of Xbox In addition, future users were given the opportunity choose the name of the new prefix Initially, it should have been named in honor of the development DirectX, but the Internet voting chose a different name – Xbox

After the announcement, there were various speculations about this Someone called the console a Death Star, someone called a Computer in the black case Anyway, the Xbox has become a real dark horse in the gaming industry At the game developers' conference, Bill finally identified intentions of Microsoft The working name of the console was X-Box

According to Gates, the prefix was superior to the technical ones Playstation 2 features three times and was designed to to overturn public views about video games, In addition, it was planned to support DVD-Video, that made the Xbox as attractive in this respect as the Playstation 2 However, game developers were not so optimistic The architecture of the prefix was presented to them in the form computer, hard disk availability and DirectX support more stimulated by these rumors May 13, 2000 Xbox debuted at the E3 The debut left a contradictory impression

Technical demos were without a doubt magnificent, However, there was not a single gaming demonstration that suggesting that the developers are not very they favor the prefix of Bill Gates In September of the same year, in a live London, San Francisco and Tokyo all these fears A demonstration of the list of developers who were gathering develop games for Xbox In the list there were 156 positions, among them such game bison industry like Konami, Capcom, Activision, THQ and ID Sega and Electronic Arts were not on the list, but also such an impressive The list was enough to make Sony and Nintendo worried January 6, 2001 in Las Vegas, Xbox was first introduced public Bill Gates personally

Developers generally agreed that the console is capable of create stunningly beautiful worlds, but not all the townsfolk liked the huge black body of the console, and joysticks seemed uncomfortable In March 2001, Microsoft announced that the Xbox has secured Sega support 11 exclusive Segov games should have been appear only on the Xbox, among them Jet Set Radio Future, Sega GT, Gun Valkyrie and Panzer Dragoon Orta This was a real shock for competitors Microsoft's money did its job, besides the console Sega Dreamcast could not stand competition with Playstation 2 and Sega announced the end of the console support

October 17, 2001 before the launch of Xbox was very little In Cannes, a grandiose festival was held to attract Europe's attention to the Xbox, which became a significant event on the European continent Many people got the impression that Microsoft will not stop with nothing to do with the Xbox November 15 was the official launch of Xbox in the sale The first consoles arrived in stores in the US in the evening 14 November

Bill Gates personally took part in the official launch consoles handing the first copies of Xbox to buyers The price of the console was only $ 300 dollars Despite the fact that many still considered the console ugly, the joystick is too big, and the price too high, Microsoft managed to sell one million consoles for three weeks It was an incredible result Interestingly, the fact that the launch of Nintendo GameCube in the US took place after only three days that is on November 18

It was a real battle between Microsoft and Nintendo, a protracted for years to come It was GameCube that became the main opponent for Xbox on the next three years, Playstation 2 was left on the first place There was a time when there was an approximately equal amount of Playstation 2 and Xbox, while GameCube is noticeably inferior to them, the reason is, that many people use PS2 and Xbox as a DVD player, then As a prefix from Nintendo is not capable of reproducing DVD discs In August 2005, Nvidia announced the termination of the release of graphics chips for the Xbox In the same year, Xbox replaced the prefix of the seventh generation Xbox 360

According to Microsoft, Xbox has not recouped itself and the company incurred losses of $ 4 billion Since 2002, Xbox users have become available online service Xbox Live, which opened the possibility to download new games and chat with friends This was a revolution in the gaming industry and made strongly nervous of Sony and Nintendo Xbox was a pioneer in the new era of game consoles, which began to turn into an interactive living room In 2003, Microsoft began working on a new game console

Developers Xbox for a long time could not think up a name for new items The logical Xbox 2 was immediately rejected because of the persistent association with PlayStation 2 After scrolling through a variety of name variants for a new product, in the team stopped on an unusual and resounding Xbox 360 The figure at the end of the title says the maximum 360-degree view of the virtual world, although this just an illusion Official release of the Xbox 360 was announced in 2005 on

the American television channel MTV A detailed presentation of the seventh generation console from Microsoft was held a little later at the exhibition the computer games industry (E3) in Las Vegas The Xbox 360 was waiting for gamers around the world

A year later, fans of video games also got acquainted with two its main competitors are Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii Despite the fact that both consoles had powerful characteristics and a number of advantages, the product of Microsoft with dignity competed and led the markets for many years Also Innovative innovation Xbox 360 was another game controller – non-contact touch Kinect In addition to literally transferring the player to the TV screen, it provides the ability to communicate in Xbox Live without connecting headset The device recognizes voices, body movements and facial expressions of the face, which is relevant in a variety of games

Until now, Kinect is considered one of the major innovations in the game industry in recent decades, but among the hardcore players he did not find popularity For Kinect was destined for the controller for arcades, sports games and family entertainment Hardware Xbox 360 was above all expectations Everyone knows that Microsoft is actively struggling with piracy It touched and the Xbox 360 console, which was built in a special system of protection against copying

Several years ago, it was possible to hack it, after that Microsoft began to actively update the protection system copyright through Xbox Live Updates come with new games on DVDs Releasing the PlayStation 3, announced in 2005, Sony appealed to a very strange strategy They a year later released Playsation 3, instead of the balance between power and value – exorbitant power and such same exorbitant price tag, instead of clear architecture – eight-nuclear CPU It's funny, but it was on these decisions that the competitors got burned In the days of the first two PlayStations, so actions companies caused only bewilderment

Sony persistently kept the chosen course, actively advertising Innovations of the system, such as a full-fledged online service and Blu-ray-drive, but all the good was lost In the shadow of unsuccessful design decisions and stunning imagination of the price tag After a series of failures, the company's management finally took for the mind and turned to the old, proven tactics – to crush competitors with powerful exclusives Uncharted, Killzone, Heavy Rain and other projects were able to draw console, showing the potential of the most powerful stuffing PlayStation 3 Surprisingly this is for Sony, but also in our time prefixes buy primarily for the sake of games Gradual reduction in the price of the console also affected, and she finally began to catch up with the competition

Despite a series of setbacks, by the middle of the life cycle PlayStation 3 gained popularity and started to make a profit Recover the trust of users helped by strong exclusives: Sony, as in the days of the very first PlayStation, did a special focus on the hardcore audience, and in the final eventually it worked In addition, analyzing the problems of PlayStation 3, the company did conclusions and to start a new generation came as more solidly Now the company's new console is sold for industry pace For the sake of justice, I note that the success of PS4 is not only related with competent marketing of Sony, but also with not the most popular ones innovations in the Xbox One from Microsoft

Then apparently something happened to the Xbox and such an impressive competition was no longer noticed In fact, Xbox One has evolved since its announcement in this console-improvisation Microsoft, of course, had some kind of strategy and vision, what the future device should be: originally a strong emphasis was placed on multimedia functionality Games at the same time moved somewhere to the background Subsequently, the Xbox team panically changed focus PR-campaign, at the following presentations, that "yes, we have games, and in general this is the main priority

" The company made it unnecessary to connect a smart camera Kinect, removed and the need to constantly connect to the Internet There were other adjustments to the course – but over time it became clear that the Xbox One had turned into something else After the failure during the launch of its new console, Microsoft came to the exhibition E3 2013 with the intention to devote video game all his big press conference However, the conference failed because of questions about copyright and console prices ($ 499), which crossed out all the good things said about the games for Xbox One A little later that evening, the participants of the press conference Sony made a storm of applause about the price of the PlayStation 4 (it was lower by $ 100)

Criticism was also criticized by Microsoft's policy in the field of copyrights As a result, xbox itself lost not a few of the exclusives that and did not come to light such as: Phantom Dust, Fable Legends, also there were problems with Titanfall and others In my opinion there was senseless competition in Slim consoles Xbox and Playstation, they did not lead to anything Xbox ruined itself as a gaming console when it said that the exclusives will no longer be all games which will be announced for xbox will also be released for windows 10 That's why the hardware of xbox one x has no games now value

Also at a recent e3 conference, the microsoft was asked about income where they reported that the price of the future console itself does not pay off, and the income will go with the sales of games It seems to me on this note, you can finish it, each made for himself some definite conclusions I really hope that this video you even interested, and you put a kid and subscribe to me, well, with you was paladin all good luck to all for now