ИГРОВОЙ ПК по цене PLAYSTATION 4 Pro. Rozetka.ua

In the comments to the video about the assembly of the killer consoles of many sunburned over the price And you suggested I collect a gaming PC at the price of PlayStation 4 Pro

Ok, the call is accepted First, let's define the cost Immediately make a reservation, we will start from the price legally imported into Ukraine PS4 Pro with an official guarantee This costs around $ 490 (four hundred and ninety) For this amount, plus / minus, and will count

What is the iron inside the PS4 Pro? Eight-core AMD Jaguar with a clock speed of 21 (two and one-tenth) GHz, AMD Radeon graphics card with Polaris architecture and performance 42 (four and two tenths) TFLOPS, GDDR5 memory 8 GB and terabyte disk Let's go to the computer, I picked up the configuration the following: CPU For games on a PC, the frequency of the cores is still more important, and not their number

Ryzen in our budget does not fit, so there are dual-core and four-stream Pentium G In our case it will be 4600 with a frequency of 35 ??? The younger models are often even more expensive due to a deficit For this system, any motherboard on the H110M chipset

I got the Asus H110M-K The RAM will be 8GB To save and take less there is no sense I used two inexpensive Kingston DDR4-2400 slats at 4GB, to enable dual-channel mode Yes, they will work at a frequency of 2133 MHz, but they cost they are the same

The most important part of the game system is a video card It should cost inexpensively, pull games into 4K, at least on the minimum This description is suitable only for one – GeForce GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB of memory I chose the option from MSI from the GAMING X series She has high frequencies, there is extra power and a good overclocking potential

Hard disk, as in the console – 1TB Disks with a capacity of 500 GB are only $ 10 less, so here, too, it is unreasonable to save I took the Seagate Barraces The housing we take is the most inexpensive with a power supply At my fingertips was the GameMax MT516M-500B, with a five hundred-watt block

You can find cheaper, for example, GameMax ET-207 The total cost of such a system is about $ 530 (five hundred and thirty) This is $ 40 more expensive than the Playstation Well, now we need to collect all this Now the most interesting thing is tests

Directly to compare fps it does not turn out – games though and identical, but optimized for different platforms, so that we will try to achieve stable 30 frames in 4K and 60 in Full HD For the sake of justice, I will clarify that PS4 Pro many games in 4K stretches with Full HD, called this upscaling And in those games that still run with honest 4K, almost never there are treasured 60 frames The first game that is on both platforms – The Division In 4K on our system it gives 32 frames with low graphics settings, by the way, because of the FPS record a bit sags

60 frames in Full HD on medium and 80 at minimum Starwars Battlefront in 4K on average settings of 36-40 frames, in Full HD on average 85, at the minimum of 105 I specifically take a few settings to you yourself decided which graphics are closest to the Playstation B Battlefield 1 in 4K at a minimum of 35 frames, and in Full HD on medium 66 In general, there are fewer frames than in the last game, although The engine is the same – Frostbite 3

Prey at medium in Full HD shows about 80 frames In 4K at a minimum of 30 frames As say konsolschiki: completely playable Finally, in the third Witcher, 33 frames in Full HD on medium settings and 25 in 4K on the minimum But just this 4K game on the PS4 Pro is not yet, although they promise

And, of course, I did not forget about the exclusive Sony, which PC gamers can not see Although Some time ago, Sony made a cloud service, thanks to which It was possible to play games from old generations of the console on the fourth

And then somehow and in the games from the PS4 itself, and already on PC This service is called PS now Yes, it is paid, but after all, and PlayStation Plus for the console too costs money And from the requirements only high-speed Internet and a game controller You can even play with the built-in graphics

Although you can try this service completely free for 7 days To do this, you need to register with the PlayStation Network, your bank card, download the client and connect game controller, preferably Dualshock 4, but you can and the other Here's how it looks Previously, I had to borrow from a friend of his PlayStation, to play Last of Us And now I can do it even on an office PC

It is clear that this affects the feelings of those who bought the console literally for a few games But Sony decided this way It is also worth mentioning that new games appear here far from immediately Well, we managed to collect a comparable cost with PS4 Pro gaming PC And on performance, it will not yield to the console

Decide for yourself, which is better to play – there are options always